Destiny 2 All 25 Calcified Light Locations Missive Ruinous Effigy

Mercury Calcified Light locations

Mercury only has one fast travel location so you’ll find all the Calcified Light collectibles here.

D2soa Calclgt Mercury 1

Mercury #1

Jump down from your spawn point and you’ll spot it.

D2soa Calclgt Mercury 2

Mercury #2

Make your way back up and go behind the Lighthouse to spot the next one.

D2soa Calclgt Mercury 3a

Mercury #3

Keep going around the Lighthouse until you’re overlooking the wide-open area. You’ll see the third collectible here.

D2soa Calclgt Mercury 3b

Mercury #4

Look to the right of where you’re currently at and you should see a marker near one of Savathun’s Eyes.

D2soa Calclgt Mercury 4a

The collectible is beside a tree.

D2soa Calclgt Mercury 4b

Mercury #5

Head to the entrance of the Infinite Forest.

D2soa Calclgt Mercury 5a

The last Calcified Light is here.

D2soa Calclgt Mercury 5b

Once you’ve collected all 25 of these, you’ll get the “Ancient Light Anew” triumph.

Destiny 2 All 25 Calcified Light Locations Missive Ruinous Effigy Triumph

Now that you’re done, you could go ahead and kill Savathun’s Marionettes in Contact public events and finish the last few tasks for the “Missive” exotic quest. Later, you’ll obtain the Ruinous Effigy exotic and you’ll have to destroy those aforementioned Savathun’s Eyes for the catalyst.

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