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Destiny 2 Planetary Piston Hammer: How to use it and get charges

Smash the Vex and earn more extracted data every activity

What many people thought was going to be the end of Destiny 2 as we know it, turned out to be the greatest Guardian revival the series has ever seen. Since Bungie has gotten past its rocky delays and layoffs, the new Episodic content after The Final Shape is shaping up to be a great time.

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That’s why we’re going to break it down and show you how to use the Planetary Piston Hammer and how to charge it up in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 — How to get and use Planetary Piston Hammer

Before you can start using and charging the Planetary Psiton Hammer, you’ll want to figure out how to get it and how it works. The Piston Hammer is part of the new Episodic activities for Episode 1: Echoes. Specifically, you’ll need to start the Specimen ID: NES001 quest and progress until you need to talk to Failsafe for the first time.

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Once you talk to Failsafe, they’ll give you the Planetary Piston Hammer and task you with extracting data and activating a Planetary Assimilation Piston.

To find a Planetary Assimilation Pistion, you’ll have to participate in the Breach Executable episodic activity. Start the activity and just go about it as normal defeating Vex and extracting data.

Once you’ve completed one encounter and are told to head to the next Vex Data Node, keep an eye out for another marker on your map that has a circle with a star in the middle of it.

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Interact with the Piston and you’ll throw your big hammer down and smash it. However, smashing a Piston with your hammer will use up one of its charges, something you need to break said Pistons.

Destiny 2 — How to charge Planetary Piston Hammer

How To Use Planetary Piston Hammer And Get Charges In Destiny 2 Quest
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Charging the Planetary Piston Hammer is a fairly easy thing to do as long as you’re playing Destiny 2. You can change the Planetary Piston Hammer by completing Echo activities throughout the solar system. Activities such as the Breach Executable activity will earn you a charge at the end of it.

I was able to smash a Piston in one activity and at the end of it, I got another charge for the hammer. Alternatively, if you completely run out of charges you will regain a Planetary Piston Charge daily. And that’s all you need to know about How to use the Planetary Piston Hammer and get its charges in Destiny 2. You can use all the gear you get in The Final Shape and Episode 1: Echoes to fight the remaining allies of the Witness and beyond by taking a look at the Destiny 2 2024 roadmap.

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