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Destiny 2: The Prophecy dungeon guide – Beating every boss and encounter

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Destiny 2‘s Season of Arrivals features The Prophecy. This brand new dungeon and world space for three players takes place in the Realm of the IX, and the psychedelic and trippy location might be one of the coolest you’ve ever seen in the game. It’s even reminiscent of movies like Tron and Cube. Here’s our guide on how to beat each encounter, including the Kell Echo boss fight, so you can obtain your pinnacle rewards.

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Destiny 2: Season of Arrivals – The Prophecy dungeon guide

Please be reminded that the recommended level for the dungeon is 1040 power level (PL). That goes up to 1050 halfway through, and 1060 once you reach the final boss. You could still do your best to finish the encounters, but under-leveled players might find it quite a challenge. Try to have Taken-related mods like Taken Armament and Taken Barrier since these are the hostiles you’ll face. If you find things a bit tough, you can read our leveling guide to get those extra power levels.

Check out each page below for the encounter or area that you need help with:

The Entrance cavern and the basics – The first part of The Prophecy dungeon doesn’t have any loot, but it’s a way for you to learn the mechanics that’ll come into play in later encounters.

Phalanx Echo boss fight – This boss fight will have you facing off against a Taken Phalanx along with countless mobs.

The Wasteland (secret chest #1) – This transition area takes place in a vast desert. A secret chest can be found here.

Hexahedron encounter – This encounter in The Prophecy dungeon will confuse and frustrate you at times. Luckily, we’ve got just the right tips to aid you in a successful clear.

The Wasteland (again) and Singularity/Rainbow Road (secret chest #2) – This area will remind you of Mario Kart‘s Rainbow Road level due to the design, aesthetics, and sheer mesmerizing detail. You’ll also find another secret chest here.

Kell Echo boss fight – The final boss in The Prophecy dungeon is a Taken Kell, and it might just be one of the most hectic boss battles in Destiny 2.

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