Destiny 2: The Prophecy dungeon guide – Beating every boss and encounter

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Phalanx Echo boss fight

The Phalanx Echo is the first boss fight in The Prophecy dungeon. Don’t worry, it’s not too tough. Just don’t get, err, pushed around.

  • Ideal loadouts: Riskrunner is great for this boss fight. DPS weapons should be Anarchy, Swarm of the Raven, or swords.
  • Ideal subclasses: Warlocks with Well of Radiance and Phoenix Protocol. Titans should use Ward of Dawn with Helm of Saint-14. Hunters should go with top-tree Nightstalker with Orpheus Rig.
  • Enemy power level: 1040

D2soa Proph 6

The same concepts from The Prophecy’s opening encounter will still apply in the first boss fight. However, this time, the area will have four pedestals. The colors can be random (so you can get 2x light + 2x dark, or 3x dark + 1x light, and so on). You’ll also notice that the Phalanx Echo boss is immune. The only way to break its shield is to cleanse all four pedestals.

D2soa Proph 7

The idea is to have players staying up top one of the high platforms. If you’re getting shot at by the boss or the Taken Psions, then Riskrunner’s Arc Conductor will proc, allowing you to shred more mobs. If the Taken Knights attempt to burn you with their fire, simply have a Warlock place a rift.

Once you spot the Taken Knights, simply take note of the mote colors that you need to cleanse as well as any spots you need to stand on if you want to switch colors. Ideally, you should only have one person picking up the motes and banking (preferably a Hunter who can go invisible), while the other two Guardians pepper the remaining mobs and provide callouts on where the Taken Knights and the Phalanx Echo boss are lurking.

D2soa Proph 8

Once all four pedestals have been cleansed, the Phalanx Echo’s shield will break and you can wail away on it as much as possible. If you pump it with a lot of lead, you can finish this boss fight in just a single phase. You’ll find a chest and pinnacle loot for this boss kill.

With the Phalanx Echo defeated, it’s time to head to the Wasteland area.

D2soa Proph 9

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