Destiny 2: The Prophecy dungeon guide – Beating every boss and encounter

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The Wasteland (part 1)

The Wasteland is a transition area in The Prophecy dungeon. It’s a vast desert where you’ll notice signs of humanity’s forgotten glory (ie. Clovis Bray buildings). Your goal here is to eliminate all the mobs that are roaming around.

  • Ideal loadouts: Any
  • Ideal subclasses: Any
  • Enemy power level: 1040

Note: You can use your sparrow in this area.

D2soa Proph 10

There are Taken Minotaurs here which are quite tough to spot unless you see their “shimmering camouflage” in the distance. Likewise, there are Taken Blights, Hobgoblins, Thrall, and more that are bunched up in various sections.

D2soa Proph 11

To find out the correct locations, simply look at the distance and find areas with “reddish or pinkish” lights. These are the possible locations for Taken spawns.

D2soa Proph 12

Once you’ve killed everything, you’ll be notified that “the way is open.” Simply head to the edge of the map towards the twin “pillars of light.” You’ll eventually discover that this is the edge of the “cube,” and that there’s a doorway to the next encounter. It’s time to solve the puzzle of the Hexahedron.

D2soa Proph 13

Secret chest #1

The first secret chest in The Prophecy dungeon was found by Destiny 2 Redditor SUP3RBLUE. Be on the lookout for a structure with golden trims because the secret chest will be inside. Check out the image below from SUP3RBLUE:

D2soa Proph Secret Chest 1

To get to this spot, simply head northwest from your spawn point. You’ll see a buried Clovis Bray Engineering building:

D2 Soa Proph Chest 1a

If you check the sand dune behind this structure, you’ll see an area with golden sand. There’s an opening here that leads to the first secret chest in The Prophecy dungeon:

D2 Soa Proph Chest 1b

Additionally, here’s a video from Destiny 2 YouTuber Nav:

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