Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Garden Of Salvation Full Raid Guide

Jumping Puzzle: Secret Raid Chest 2

This vast, open field is one of the most beautiful landscapes in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep. It also contains a number of secrets for you to find.

Secret Chest:

There’s a secret chest here once you reach the area with the Venus flytraps. You’ll have to shoot the plants to get them to open up. You can jump on top of them and reach a chest that’s hidden behind a rocky crag. Take a look at the video below from YouTuber Ian Tuohy:

The Divinity exotic quest puzzles 5 and 6:

You’ve already done four puzzles to obtain the Divinity exotic trace rifle. Well, the last two can be found here. They’re both in a cave behind the majestic waterfall. If you do manage to solve these puzzles, you can obtain the Divinity after the final boss. Just one more step, Guardians.

Jumping Puzzle 2 Divinity Exotic Quest


This isn’t necessarily something that rewards you gear in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep‘s Garden of Salvation raid. But, this nifty trick will let you skip another silly jumping puzzle.

When you reach the part with the water wheel, jump on the glass panel and move all the way to the very edge. This will prevent you from sliding off into oblivion since the edge seems to lock your character in place. Once the glass panel reaches its maximum height, simply jump up the ledge and onto the final boss’ area.

Jumping Puzzle 2 Cheese

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