Destiny 2: Shadowkeep guide – Starting the new Pit of Heresy dungeon and getting the Blasphemer shotgun

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Guide New Dungeon Pit Of Heresy Altars Of Sorrow Public Event Blasphemer Shotgun

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep‘s Halloween week kicks things off with the Festival of the Lost event. But, that’s not all. Guardians with the Shadowkeep expansion will also be able to check out the brand new dungeon, the Pit of Heresy. There is, however, one “attunement” quest that you must complete first. The quest is tied to the Altars of Sorrow public event which can reward you with the Blasphemer shotgun. We’ll look into these in our mini-guide.

Note 1: This short quest is tracked account-wide. Completing it once on any character will make the Pit of Heresy dungeon available for your alts.

Note 2: In case you’re already done with the initial part, just head over to our complete dungeon guide right here. Be sure to check out the puzzle solutions for the Xenophage exotic as well. The last few parts of the exotic quest will take place in the Pit of Heresy.

Aospoh Eris

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep – The Altars of Sorrow and the Pit of Heresy dungeon

Head over to the moon and speak to Eris Morn. She’ll give you a new quest which has a couple of requirements:

  • Loot a tier 3 or higher chest in the Altars of Sorrow public event.
  • Defeat 20 Nightmares in Sorrow’s Harbor.

Fast travel to Sorrow’s Harbor and you’ll notice a new public event going on. Hive “Altars of Sorrow” are popping up all over the place. Each one will last around a couple of minutes before dissipating. In order to cleanse each altar, you’ll have to eliminate waves of mobs and the Nightmares that spawn. These will include knights, wizards, and ogres.

Note 1: Killing mobs extends the timer by one second. Killing Nightmares extends the timer by 10 seconds.

Note 2: The Altars of Sorrow public event is also an wonderful source of candies and chocolate strange coins for the Festival of the Lost event.

Aospoh Wizards

Given that Sorrow’s Harbor is a patrol area, you’ll encounter several other Guardians that are attempting to complete The Deepening Wake quest. Or, you know, you could just run into blueberries that got lost. Once you cleanse your first Hive altar, head to the next one that’s marked on your HUD. There’s another altar nearby that’ll continuously spawn mobs and Nightmares so cleanse that as well. This’ll be tier 2 of the event.

Keep going at it until you complete each tier. Also, be on the lookout for shielded Hive wizards that are part of the event. You’ll need to take out a sword knight, grab the sword, and wail away on the wizards to break their shields.

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Guide New Dungeon Pit Of Heresy Altars Of Sorrow Public Event Blasphemer Shotgun Phogoth

The Nightmare of Phogoth final boss

Eventually, you’ll complete the fifth and final tier of the Altars of Sorrow event. The Nightmare of Phogoth spawns as a final boss. The big behemoth can be a tough nut to crack so make sure you’ve got your heavy weapons or Izanagi’s Burden.

Also, if you take away portions of its health bar, the boss will become immune and summon additional Nightmares. Be sure to demolish these enemies quickly to remove the boss’ immunity. Remember that defeated enemies will add to your event timer.

Once you’ve destroyed the Nightmare of Phogoth, the chest will spawn. The chest can have the Blasphemer shotgun. The Blasphemer is a kinetic weapon that fires slug rounds (the only one of its kind apart from The Chaperone exotic). Its curated roll will have Opening Shot, Snapshot Sights, and a range masterwork.

Now, the Blasphemer isn’t your primary goal here, right? It’s completing the attunement quest and gaining access to Destiny 2: Shadowkeep‘s new Pit of Heresy dungeon. Well, if you’ve completed tier 3 and higher and you’ve killed lots of Nightmares, then you should have this step completed.

Go back to Eris Morn and check the map. The Pit of Heresy dungeon is now available and your adventure has just begun.

Head on over to our full dungeon guide right over here. Don’t forget that you should also be doing the first few steps for the Xenophage exotic since the completion will require a run through the Pit of Heresy dungeon.

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Guide New Dungeon Pit Of Heresy Altars Of Sorrow Public Event Blasphemer Shotgun Available On Map

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is available on Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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