Garden Of Salvation To The Top Raid Challenge Guide Destiny 2 Shadowkeep

It’s the third week since Destiny 2: Shadowkeep introduced raid challenges in the Garden of Salvation. This time around, we’ve got “To The Top.” You can do this in the Garden of Salvation’s third encounter, so make sure you’re familiar with the Consecrated Mind boss fight already.

Note: For more tips and info about the Garden of Salvation, head over to our complete raid guide. For everything else about the expansion, you can refer to our Destiny 2: Shadowkeep guides and features hub.

Garden Of Salvation To The Top Raid Challenge Guide Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Start

“To The Top” raid challenge

What’s the mechanic to complete “To The Top?” Well, this raid challenge is actually very simple: just make sure that anyone who banks does so with 10 motes.

Here are some additional notes:

  • You need to bank 30 motes to force the Consecrated Mind to begin the DPS phase.
  • You don’t need to switch players around for the eyes and motes team even if you don’t one-phase the boss. Just make sure that anyone who banks always has 10 motes.

Dealing with the shielded Vex

Most raid groups will probably be familiar with the “5-10-10-5” routine. This won’t work if you need to do the challenge since you need “10-10-10.” But, remember that shielded Vex will start flocking towards the relay/pillar from the get-go, all while players still need to collect motes from minotaurs. So, how exactly do you take out the shielded Vex?

It’s quite easy. Notice how players need to tether first before the boss spawns? Yes, the initial tether will already give you the Enlightened buff to break Vex shields. Simply ensure that your motes team is tethered/has the Enlightened buff. Here’s what should happen:

  • One player from the motes team (is Enlightened once the boss spawns) defends the relay/pillar for a time.
  • Another player from the motes team collects 10 and goes to bank. The previous defender is then relieved.
  • The third motes player should, initially, grab the first Voltaic Charge/destroy the boss’ eyes. This will ensure that no one from the eyes team needs to sacrifice themselves if the process takes too long.

Note: Try to avoid accidentally picking up a mote if it’s not your turn yet. Doing so can lead to a wipe because players need to bank exactly 10 motes each.

Once the boss heads to the pillar for DPS phase, just wail away at it. Make sure to use Divinity (only one player in the fireteam needs to), Well of Radiance, Ward of Dawn, and Oppressive Darkness grenades. Enjoy your free chest/duplicate energy weapon!

Consecrated Mind Boss

That does it for our “To The Top” raid challenge mini-guide. We hope it helps you out.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is available on Steam. For more information, head over to our guides and features hub.

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