Destiny 2 Solstice Of Heroes Guide Titan Armor

It looks like you picked a Titan for your Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes armor grind. My first question is: “Why?” My second question is: “You know everyone loves Hunters and Warlocks more, right?” I’m kidding, of course… or am I?

We’ve outlined the Solstice of Heroes event and EAZ basics over here. In general, save the EAZ requirements for last. Some Titan armors might require you to pick a better class to open Solstice Packages at the end of an EAZ run. These require Solstice Key Fragments anyway which you can obtain from bounties that you’d end up doing in other activities.

As for Elemental Orb requirements, if you’re running with a fireteam then pick the same subclass and weapon loadout for that specific element so everyone gets the orbs they need.

Note: I’ve also added tips from Reddit user Alhosani55 who’s outlined the most efficient ways of progressing through each armor tier. Anyway, let’s take a look at how you’ll progress through each Solstice of Heroes armor tier for your Titan.

Destiny 2 Solstice Of Heroes Guide Drained Armor

Solstice of Heroes Armor: Drained Set (Titan)


  • complete one European Aerial Zone run (the first one you do)
  • 50 precision kills anywhere
  • defeat 50 Hive anywhere


  • complete 5 Solstice bounties
  • loot 10 chests in the EAZ
  • defeat 75 enemies in the EAZ with an Arc subclass equipped


  • complete 3 adventures
  • collect 100 Solar orbs in Vanguard strikes
  • defeat 10 Guardians in Crucible or Gambit


  • complete 10 public events on Nessus
  • collect 100 Void orbs in Crucible or Gambit (does not work in Gambit Prime)
  • open 10 Solstice Packages in the EAZ


  • complete 10 Vanguard strikes
  • collect 500 Elemental Orbs of any type anywhere
  • complete 10 Crucible or Gambit matches

Grinding Time:

  • Strikes (chest and mark) – Solar orbs so just use a Solar subclass and Solar weapons
  • Crucible or Gambit (chest, boots, and mark) – defeat Guardians and mobs, be sure to pick a Void subclass and Void weapons for the orbs
  • Public Events on Nessus (boots) – double-dip by completing an event and fast-traveling back to the same area
  • Adventures (chest) – just do the daily heroic or whatever you fancy
  • EAZ (helmet, gloves, boots) – solstice packages, loot chests, use an Arc subclass, and complete your EAZ runs
  • Everything else – precision kills, Hive kills, any elemental orb, and Solstice bounties

Note: The last part (“Everything else”) corresponds to requirements that can be done in Destiny 2 all throughout the grind as a Titan. Let’s say you’re doing Vanguard strikes for the Titan’s Solstice of Heroes chest and mark requirements, you might want to equip the helmet as well for the precision kills. If you end up in Savathun’s Song (which has lots of Hive enemies), then you’re also getting progress for Hive kills for your helmet.

When you’re done, access the Solstice statue to turn your Titan greens into blues. It’s time to grind for the Renewed set.

Destiny 2 Solstice Of Heroes Guide Renewed Armor

Solstice of Heroes Armor: Renewed Set (Titan)


  • complete 10 Gambit matches
  • collect 1,500 Elemental Orbs of any type with a subclass equipped matching the daily singe (see note 2)
  • defeat 75 Guardians in Crucible or Gambit using Arc weapons (ie. Wardcliff Coil, and that’s it, I told you nobody likes Titans)


  • complete 10 Heroic public events
  • complete 5 daily or weekly challenges
  • defeat 100 minibosses in the EAZ


  • defeat 300 enemies in Vanguard strikes with a subclass equipped matching the daily singe (see note 1 and 2 below)
  • defeat 300 Fallen anywhere with a subclass equipped matching the daily singe (see note 2 below)
  • loot 50 EAZ chests


  • complete 50 bounties
  • collect 500 Void orbs in Vanguard strikes (see note 1 below)
  • kill enemies anywhere with Solar melee attacks (see note 3 below)


  • complete 25 patrols on Io
  • collect 300 Elemental Orbs of any kind in the EAZ
  • defeat 300 enemies with Solar weapons

Note 1: For steps that require you to be in a Vanguard strike playlist, you can join up with friends to load up a strike. Instead of progressing through the strike, just do other activities (ie. patrols, public events, lost sectors). Your collected orbs and weapon kills will count.

Note 2: For the “subclass must match daily singe” requirements, you can combine this with other activities. For instance, let’s say the daily singe is Arc but you need Solar weapon kills. All you need to do is equip an Arc subclass, but pick Solar energy and power weapons.

Note 3: Hive, bring a sword! No, seriously, bring a Solar sword and go to any area with lots of mobs such as Escalation Protocol. When your Solar sword is out of ammo, keep killing stuff. These will count as Solar melee kills!

Grinding Time:

  • Strikes (chest and boots) – kills with subclass matching daily singe and Void orbs
  • Gambit only (helmet) – complete matches
  • Crucible or Gambit (helmet) – Guardians defeated with Arc weapons (ie. Wardcliff Coil)
  • Io Heroic Public Events and Patrols (gloves and mark) – you might as well do these in the same location (Io)
  • EAZ (gloves, chest, and mark) – elemental orbs of any kind, minibosses killed, and chests looted
  • Everything else – bounties, daily or weekly challenges, Solar weapon kills, Solar melee kills, Fallen kills with subclass matching daily singe

When you’re done, access the Solstice statue to turn your Titan blues into purples. It’s time to grind for the Titan’s Masterworked Majestic set. Do note that the requirements to masterwork your armor will be the same for all three classes.

Note 4: Attaining the Majestic armor set is one of the 24 requirements for Destiny 2‘s MMXIX title.

Destiny 2 Solstice Of Heroes Guide Majestic Armor

Solstice of Heroes Armor: Majestic/Masterworked Set

  • Helmet – Complete a Prestige Nightfall with a score of 200,000 or better.
  • Gloves – Vanguard playlist strikes with clanmates.
  • Chest – Complete “Shattered Throne” with less than three players.
  • Boots – Reset your Season 7 Valor ranking in the Crucible. This is retroactive.
  • Cloak/Mark/Bond – Defeat challenging combatants throughout the system.

Note: As mentioned in our MMXIX guide, you’ll only need to masterwork a single piece to complete one of the Destiny 2 Moments of Triumph requirements for the title/seal.

With that, you’re done obtaining your Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes armor set for your Titan. Maybe you’d want to do it for the other Destiny 2 classes — the Warlock and the Hunter — also known as “the better ones.”

For more Destiny 2 Season of Opulence guides, just head over to our main hub right over here.

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