Destiny 2 Beyond Light Born In Darkness Quest Guide

Born in Darkness – Part 1

The Exo Stranger gives you several tasks as part of this Destiny 2: Beyond Light quest chain.


Step 1:

  • Collect 50x Energized Ether by defeating Fallen on Europa.
  • Get 10x Stasis melee final blows. This requires you to use the charged melee ability instead of regular punches.

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Step 2:

After these two are done, you’ll need to complete a couple more tasks:

  • 3x Vanguard strikes with Stasis equipped.
  • 60x targets affected by Stasis in Vanguard strikes.

Step 3:

Next up, you need to find and defeat Weniks’ platoon in the Eternity zone. Simply go on patrol and head to Braytech Exoscience.

Go all the way to the area that looks like a control room to find Weniks. Take him out and you’ll get the Skeleton Key.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Born In Darkness Quest Guide 1b

Step 4:

Head to the Eventide Ruins zone and go to the Bunker E15 lost sector. The entrance is inside the large building in the area. You should spot a walkway that leads to Bunker E15.

Free the Braytech robots and clear out the remaining Vex. Destroy the boss and loot the chest too.

After grabbing the chest, head to the room where the Exo Stranger is located. She’ll give you some details about Clovis Bray and Ana Bray.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Born In Darkness Quest Guide 1c

Step 5:

Once the conversation is over, meet with the Exo Stranger in the Beyond zone all the way to the south of Europa.

You’ll get two quests here:

  • Born in Darkness – Part 2 – Gives you your first Stasis grenade. This is the next section of our Destiny 2: Beyond Light guide.
  • Aspect of Control – Provides your first Stasis aspect. For this one, head to our Entropic Shards guide for more info.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Born In Darkness Quest Guide 1d

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