Destiny 2: The best way to farm Medallions in the Guardian Games

Guardian Games Medallions

The all-out class war that is the Guardian Games is upon us once again, and this year it comes with a few changes. First, laurels are no longer in the games; instead, the whole focus is on Medallions. It is simple enough to earn these as you play through the various events, but knowing the best way to farm Medallions in the Guardian Games will get your class to the top of the rankings.

What are Medallions in the Destiny 2 Guardian Games?

Medallions are the signifier of success in the Guardian Games. After talking to Eva and playing through the introductory quest, you will be rewarded with a cute little pouch to carry your rewards in. Then, by passively completing challenges, nailing contender cards, and completing bounties, you will be rewarded with Medallions.

The medallions you earn will be ranked from Bronze up to Platinum, depending on how well you do in the challenge. Of course, the higher the medallion, the better it is for your class. Bank enough medallions, and you will not only earn rewards for yourself but also push your class closer to victory.

How to farm Medallions in the Destiny 2 Guardian Games

Guardian Games Medallions

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There is no one way to cheese the Guardian Games I have found so far, but there are some straightforward ways to rack up points fast. The methods simply require you to know which bounties to get your hands on and which events are best to pick.

Event Challenges

This is the passive way to earn your event points. By banking your medallions, you will earn points towards the final score and rack up those medallions. I recommend wearing your class item from the Guardian Games while completing any events; it will help you with the grind for the Event Challenges.

Contender Cards

These are the number one way to farm Medallions in Guardian Games. You can only carry one at a time for PvP and PvE, so choose wisely; some take longer than others. I have noticed that for speed and efficiency, simply grab the Raid Efficiency card and load it into the Shuro Chi to blast through the enemies to complete the card.

Another straightforward method to quickly get your hands on the coveted Platnum Medallions is by grabbing the Lost Sector cards and blasting through the legendary areas in minutes. Furthermore, another quick way to rake in the Platnum Medallions in Guardian Games is with the Platnum Vanguard Contender Card. I found I could quickly fulfill the card with only a few run-throughs of Hero Nightfall.

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