The Revelry Spring Event Destiny 2 Armor Sets

Destiny 2’s gameplay is ever-changing, and there are content drops to look forward to from time to time. Last April 9, we had Arc Week which gave some love to Arc subclasses, boosted Gambit Prime drop rates, and it even led to the return of the Thunderlord exotic quest. You can do this quest line whether or not you’ve stepped into a war with the Cabal on Mars you own that beast of a machine gun. That brings us to next week’s reset and the beginning of “The Revelry,” Destiny 2’s Spring Event.

There are new goodies you can grab once The Revelry event starts on April 16. Just check out the trailer below:

Revel In This

Destiny 2’s The Revelry Spring Event takes us back to the Infinite Forest. Unlike its haunted counterpart during the Festival of the Lost, this new Verdant Forest is lush, filled with greenery and teeming with more enemies.

But there’d be no point in just pew-pewing to take out space baddies as you’ve done these past years, right? That’s why The Revelry will also bring back Eva Levante who gives you a Reveler’s Tonic. This tonic buffs the charge time for your melee, grenade, or class ability. Pick one type of buff and you’re all set.

The Reveler’s Tonic also lets you collect essences from the Verdant Forest bosses you defeat as well as various activities. You can head back to Eva to trade those essences for masterwork cores, helmet ornaments, and even The Arbalest, an exotic kinetic fusion rifle. This is the first fusion rifle for the kinetic (non-elemental) slot, and one that’ll do more damage to shielded enemies. If you were unable to obtain The Arbalest during the event, fear not because it’ll be part of the exotic engram loot pool later on.

The Revelry Spring Event Destiny 2 Arbalest


While grinding triumphs and essences to acquire The Arbalest, you can also do some bounties for Eva. These will award Inaugural Revelry armor pieces — aka. the “event-exclusive armor set.” Likewise, you can also obtain pieces for the Vernal Growth set. These may also drop from bosses in the Verdant Forest.

Everything synergizes. The more armor pieces you wear, the more that your helmet’s ornament grows. If ever you dreamed of your Titan as a reindeer for each event, well, here’s another opportunity where that can happen. Likewise, those armor pieces also further boost the effects of your Reveler’s Tonic. And, no, these buffs aren’t just active in the Verdant Forest, they can also provide an advantage in the Crucible. If you picked the boost to your grenade recharge rate, then you can wait for Shaxx to ask if you threw enough grenades. Tell him that you did, and then laugh to his face. I bet he wouldn’t expect that.

There are also additional rewards such as new cosmetics from Eververse. Double bright engram drops will also be enabled.

The Revelry Spring Event Destiny 2

Destiny 2’s The Revelry Spring Event will begin on April 16, and it will last until May 7. We’ll be sure to have a complete guide for the event once it goes live. Make the most out of it since this just might be the last major content drop we’ll have until the Penumbra DLC.

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