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Destiny 2‘s current season, The Season of the Chosen, may be reaching its conclusion, but the folks at Bungie have a few more tricks up their sleeves before transitioning to the next. In a blog post on Bungie’s official site, the developer details exactly what players can expect for the time being. First of all, Nightfalls are getting double rewards for a week. Second, the final Seasonal Challenge can be completed, which will allow players to redeem a free emblem. None of that is the big news, however, as the Vault of Glass raid is returning on May 22 to shake things up.

You’ll naturally have to wait for the next Destiny 2 season before you can jump in again, however. Bungie promises the narrative will remain unchanged, but there will be some noticeable wrinkles added. The changes we can expect haven’t been detailed as Bungie only stated that they were going to bring the “content up to Destiny 2 standards.” Regardless, the raid will return in less than a month, so it won’t be too long before you can go after any and all sweet rewards. But that’s not all, as the first World First race is going to be emerging from the Destiny Content Vault.


Race against myself

This isn’t the same old World First race that we’re used to, though. Bungie is aiming to make some notable changes to keep things fresh. What does that mean for Destiny 2 players? Well, Vault of Glass will be launching with Contest Mode for the first 24 hours. This has a 1,300 power cap, so make sure you’re ready. Once you clear Vault of Glass with Contest Mode active, you’ll unlock Challenge Mode in the Director, as well as the Tempo’s Edge Triumph.

Finishing up that Triumph will wrap up the World First race, so that’s the goal. However, should you fail during an encounter, your team will wipe, so, uh, be careful. There’s still a few weeks to go until you can partake in the race, though, so might as well get at those Nightfalls while they’re doubled, yeah?

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