Destiny 2: Season of the Lost — Wayfinder’s Compass HELM upgrades guide

Destiny 2 Season Of The Lost Wayfinder's Compass Upgrades Parallax Trajectory

Destiny 2: Season of the Lost introduces the Wayfinder’s Compass (which shouldn’t be confused with the seasonal artifact that bears the same name). The one that we’re talking about here is the new terminal that you can access in the HELM Command Center, allowing you to obtain new perks as a means of progression. Anyway, here’s our Destiny 2: Season of the Lost Wayfinder’s Compass guide to help you with the upgrades, the seasonal boosters for the Shattered Realm, and some of the weekly challenges to level it up.

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Destiny 2: Season of the Lost – Wayfinder’s Compass upgrades guide

The Wayfinder’s Compass terminal becomes available after you complete “Mission Cocoon” (which nets you the artifact) since you’ll be returning to the HELM. At the start, you can only grab some bounties and a mod. Here are the Elemental Well mods and rewards that you can get:

  • Melee Wellmaker (unlocked by default) – Powered melee kills spawn an Elemental Well that matches your subclass.
  • Well of Striking (level 5) – Picking up an Arc Elemental Well grants additional melee energy; multiple copies of the mod stack and increase the effect.
  • Seeking Wells (level 15) – Elemental Wells that you create travel along the ground to nearby players.
  • Celestial Cartography emblem (level 20).

D2 Seaslst Wyfn Cmp Upg Gd 1

You might be wondering what these levels are for. Well, similar to previous seasons, you’ll need to complete weekly challenges found in the “Quests” tab. Specifically, you’ll want to take a look at the ones with a leyline/confluence icon. Here are the ones that are available now:

D2 Seaslst Wyfn Cmp Upg Gd 2

Completing the weekly challenges nets you a ton of XP to level up the Wayfinder’s Compass. In turn, you’ll also be able to activate some upgrades (though a majority are time-gated based on campaign/narrative progression).

Anyway, just right-click on the Wayfinder’s Compass icon to open the upgrades panel. You’ll see the stuff that you can unlock by spending Parallax Trajectory. The currency itself is obtained by killing Taken mobs, completing playlist activities, finishing certain quest objectives, and picking up Ascendant Anchors. We’ve actually detailed some of the Ascendant Anchor locations in the EDZ.

Destiny 2 Season Of The Lost Wayfinder's Compass Upgrades Parallax Trajectory 1

In any case, here are the Wayfinder’s Compass upgrades, as well as their unlock requirements, Parallax Trajectory costs, and their effects in the Shattered Realm:

Row 1
Upgrade Effect Unlock Requirement Parallax Trajectory Cost
Barrier Breach
This is the first upgrade that you can unlock after finishing your initial run in the Shattered Realm.
You’ll be able to pass through barriers in the Shattered Realm. Just interact with the Lanterns with the “bird flying down/bird down” symbol (seen in the image below). Wayfinder’s Voyage step 2 150
Astral Efficiency Reduces the cost of repeatable bounties on the Wayfinder’s Compass. Wayfinder’s Compass level 2 400
Astral Abundance The Wayfinder’s Trove (chest) in the Astral Alignment requires less Parallax Trajectory to open. Wayfinder’s Compass level 4
Astral Harvester Increases Parallax Trajectory gained from playlist activities. Wayfinder’s Compass level 5
Opportune Arms Defeated champions in the Shattered Realm drop a heavy ammo brick. Wayfinder’s Compass level 7 600
Phase Breach Gain temporary invisibility after breaching a barrier. Wayfinder’s Compass level 8
Enhanced Breach Increases the duration of barrier effects. Wayfinder’s Voyage step 27
Row 2
Upgrade Effect Unlock Requirement Parallax Trajectory Cost
True Sight Lanterns with the “bird wings down/bird wings” symbol grant True Sight when activated, revealing hidden passages. Wayfinder’s Voyage step 10 150
Parallax Focusing Chance to gain additional Parallax Trajectory when gathering Ascendant Anchors. Requires True Sight to be unlocked first 400
Sight Beyond Sight Increases the distance and duration of True Sight.
Vision of Splendor Defeated Guardians and bosses have an increased chance to drop Parallax Trajectory.
Ascendant Sight Additional Ascendant Anchors appear in the Shattered Realm. 600
Unveiled Eyes True Sight highlights nearby Ascendant Anchors.
Frequency Echoes Your compass reveals hidden caches of Awoken knowledge in the Shattered Realm.
Row 3
Upgrade Effect Unlock Requirement Parallax Trajectory Cost
Safe Passage Lanterns with the “bird looking left/bird left” symbol grant Safe Passage. The Fields of Strife in the Shattered Realm will no longer hinder you. However, Xivu Araths forces will also be attracted to your location. Wayfinder’s Voyage step 17 150
Overcharged The bonus chest in Astral Alignment has a chance to drop extra gear. Requires Safe Passage to be unlocked first 400
The Way Forward 10% chance not to consume Parallax Trajectory when opening the bonus chest in Astral Alignment.
Trailblazer Increased seasonal currency rewards from the Shattered Realm’s chests.
Unburdened Grants overshield and health regeneration after disabling a Field of Strife. 600
Astral Focusing Your first Techeun Rescue each week drops an additional tier 3 Umbral Engram.
Astral Attunement Increases the duration of Safe Passage.

Destiny 2 Season Of The Lost Wayfinder's Compass Upgrades Parallax Trajectory 2

Destiny 2: Season of the Lost is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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