Destiny 2 Beyond Light Weekly Exo Challenge Guide

Simulation: Agility

This challenge can be started straight from the director/map of Europa. This is all about being speedy and doing some tricky jumps.


When you reach the vast expanse, destroy the Vex “boxes.” You’ll then see several floating platforms that will materialize and disappear within seconds.

You can cross these platforms and take out the mobs in the next section. Alternatively, you can use long-range weaponry to kill the mobs from afar. Heck, you can even stand on the Vex boxes while they’re shielded.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Weekly Exo Challenge Guide 2b

The platforms of the structure in the next section will disappear, too, so make sure you destroy the Vex boxes and interact with the conflux to open the next area.

Eventually, you’ll reach a large, cavernous chamber. Just take out the Vex enemies here and head to the portal at the top.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Weekly Exo Challenge Guide 2c

The final section has three shielded Vex confluxes, each with two boxes. Eliminate the hostiles, destroy these boxes, and activate the confluxes to start the actual encounter.

A couple of Vex hydras and lots of harpies will spawn. After defeating the mobs, you can destroy the boxes and activate the central conflux. This will spawn a larger, CPU-like box in the center of the room. After shooting this down, the rest of the hostiles will die and the weekly Exo Challenge gets completed.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Weekly Exo Challenge Guide 2d

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