Destiny 2 Beyond Light Weekly Exo Challenge Guide

Simulation: Safeguard

This weekly Exo Challenge can be a doozy, but it’s fun nonetheless.


Once you spawn in, you’ll be in a wide-open location with a few Vex mobs (they’re mostly goblins and wyverns).

Take out the ones that you see.

D2bl Wkex Ch Wk3 1

You’ll also notice Vex confluxes (boxes) that you can shoot. Doing so will temporarily stun the robots in that area.

D2bl Wkex Ch Wk3 2

Your goal here is to “safeguard” the two sides of the map. It’s sort of like Destiny 2‘s version of tower defense. The platforms here have a few Braytech bots, but the Vex will overrun them if you don’t help out. You’ll also spot the percentage of that platform’s health, so make sure to eliminate the hostiles so it doesn’t reach zero.

Note: There are notifications at the bottom-left corner of your HUD telling you if a platform is being attacked.

D2bl Wkex Ch Wk3 3

After the two platforms have been cleared, a Gate Lord will spawn in the central area. Lots of Vex will also appear. The cyclopes will blast your position. Meanwhile, the goblins and wyverns will head to the existing platforms. Now, you’ve got to contend with all the enemy fire peppering your Guardian while trying to keep them off those “towers.”

Ideally, you should be using crowd-clearing or crowd-control supers (i.e., the Dawnblade’s top tree, the Nightstalker’s Tether/Revenant’s Silence & Squal, or the Sentinel’s bottom tree with Doom Fang Pauldrons).

When you’ve cleared some of the mobs, shoot the conflux once it’s vulnerable. It’ll stun the hostiles including the Gate Lord. Go wail away at it with your Lament exotic sword (if you have it). Just do everything you can to take it out and you’ll finish this weekly Exo Challenge.

D2bl Wkex Ch Wk3 4

Destiny 2: Beyond Light is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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