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So, how do Wrathborn Hunts work?

Anyway, let’s say you’ve fully charged the Cryptolith Lure. That means you can access your first Wrathborn Hunt.


You can pick either Savek or HKD-1. In my case, I picked Savek since I needed the gloves to increase my power level.

Upon activating the Cryptolith Lure, you’ll see a description of where the Wrathborn Hunt begins. For Savek, it’s in the Tangled Shore (Thieves’ Landing). Travel there and you’ll notice one of those strange Hive contraptions nearby.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Wrathborn Hunts Cryptolith Lure Mods Upgrades 5a

If you interact with this, you’ll see some green splotches on the ground. These are “tracks” that you want to follow and they’ll often lead to another zone.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Wrathborn Hunts Cryptolith Lure Mods Upgrades 5b

Once you’ve reached that location, you’ll be able to start the actual Wrathborn Hunt mission. There’s even a spot that lets you place a raid banner to fill-up your supers and abilities.

Go ahead and start the encounter to fight a miniboss. Once this fella has been eliminated, the real Wrathborn Hunt boss will spawn.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Wrathborn Hunts Cryptolith Lure Mods Upgrades 5c

Savek starts the fight shielded and surrounded by a couple of servitors emanating that strange, green glow. By taking out the servitors and stepping on the green glow for a second, you’ll gain a temporary “Wrathful” buff. This lets you damage Savek’s shield and, eventually, the boss itself. It’s like the “Harmony” buff from the Blind Well that lets you destroy shielded/immune bosses.

Go wail away on your opponent until it’s defeated. You’ll obtain the powerful reward (i.e., gloves from the Savek Wrathborn Hunt) when you’re done, as well as some Recon Data (used to increase reputation).

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Grinding and getting more reputation

Return to the Crow for additional instructions. Also, go ahead and check your season pass. You should be able to grab some Recon Data from some of the ranks. Remember that you’ll need 20 Recon Data to increase your reputation by one level. This means completing more Wrathborn Hunts (and the associated “charging” mechanic via playlist activities). The boss kills at the end will net you more Recon Data for your rep boosts and, subsequently, more Cryptolith Lure upgrades.

As mentioned in our official review, it’s as though Destiny 2: Beyond Light extended the player’s grind. The Wrathborn Hunt bosses themselves are easy, but the process to get there can be a nuisance. You’re better off running strikes to speed up the charging of your Cryptolith Lure. At the very least, the process isn’t as atrociously tedious as Variks’ Empire Hunts.

Note: The engrams you get from each reputation rank-up are on-level (or close to your base power level). Currently, every other vendor engram in Destiny 2: Beyond Light drops at -20 of your base power level, so I guess Uldren Sov really wants to be everyone’s friend now.

D2bl Wrbr Crow 5a

Furthermore, don’t forget to open the map. You’ll notice that the Crow now has a weekly challenge. After you finish five Wrathborn Hunts, you’ll get a tier 3 powerful drop.

Anyway, my advice is to check if a Wrathborn Hunt offers extra Recon Data as a reward. You’ll want to get a lot of these to reach reputation rank 4 which provides the “Power Hunter” Cryptolith Lure upgrade. Obtaining this increases powerful gear sources from two to four. Likewise, it makes the weekly challenge give a pinnacle reward instead. Lastly, there are times when you don’t want a drop for a specific slot. As such, picking a Wrathborn Hunt with Recon Data and subsequently completing it will randomize the next set of rewards. This helps ensure that you won’t waste a powerful drop on an equipment slot that you don’t need.

Note 1: Regarding the pinnacle reward from the weekly challenge, there seems to be a bug. When I completed it, I was told to speak with the Crow to get the pinnacle drop. Unfortunately, I didn’t get anything except various Mutation Mods.

Note 2: If you’re keen on making the grind easier, there’s a bug that lets you duplicate Cryptolith Lure mods.

D2bl Wrbr Crow 5b1

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