At the tail end of Destiny 2’s second year, Guardians will be given access to the Tribute Hall. This world space found on Nessus is also integral to obtaining the Bad Juju exotic. But, there is a fairly lengthy grind up ahead, one that requires you to come back daily due to the Boons of Opulence mechanic. In this mini-guide, we’ll tell you how to get everything for your Tribute Hall, the maximum discount from Boons of Opulence, and even a cheese which you can do early on. After all, it’s not Destiny 2 if there’s no cheese.

    Destiny 2 Bad Juju Exotic Quest Guide The Other Side Tribute Hall Tributes

    Destiny 2: Tribute Hall Cheese

    First things first, if you want to cheese this part, then make sure that you haven’t opened the door to the actual Tribute Hall just yet. Otherwise, you’re out of luck. The information comes from Reddit user Thebunge.

    On your first character, start “The Invitation” quest for the Bad Juju exotic. Head to the Tribute Hall (Destinations -> Nessus). Speak to Calus’ statue and you’ll be asked to complete any bounty to obtain a Boon of Opulence. Once you’ve completed at least one, return to Calus’ statue and you’ll be given your first tribute. Placing it next to the doorway opens the Tribute Hall proper. Do not do this part if you want to cheese.

    Instead of placing the tribute and opening the door, switch to another character. Using your alt, head to the Tribute Hall once more and place the tribute. Go back to orbit, fly back inside the Tribute Hall, and place the flag again. Keep doing this until you’ve gotten enough tributes placed in the area. This saves you a lot of time considering the daily grind for the Bad Juju and its catalyst if you do this part normally.

    You can find out how many tributes you’ve placed by going to your menu: Triumphs -> Destinations -> Minor -> Tribute Hall. You need 45 tributes placed for the Bad Juju catalyst. There are 50 tributes that can be obtained in total as you progress through Destiny 2‘s activities.

    Destiny 2 Bad Juju Exotic Quest Guide The Other Side Tribute Hall Calus Bounties

    Boons of Opulence Bounties

    Calus’ statue will have four bounties available each daily reset in Destiny 2. Each bounty you complete grants a Boon of Opulence which, when turned in at the statue, provides you a 1% discount. Getting the maximum discount of 80% also awards a triumph completion and an emblem. These discounts are used for tributes also sold by Calus’ statue. As mentioned in our Bad Juju guide, buying these offerings can be quite costly if you don’t have a high discount yet.

    Here’s the annoying part: You can only turn in four boons each day for your entire account. Completing the bounties when you’ve already turned in four boons will give you nothing. You’ll have to keep doing this for 20 days to get the maximum discount.

    There’s a silver lining, however, and that’s being able to choose the bounties you want on other characters. For instance, you can pick two easier bounties on your Hunter. Likewise, you can do the same for your Warlock. If you complete these for both characters and turn them in, these will count as your Boons of Opulence/discount for that daily reset.

    Here are some examples of the Boon of Opulence bounties you’ll find:

    • Kill 50 enemies without dying.
    • Kill 50 enemies in strikes via precision damage without dying.
    • Complete two public events without dying – this bounty will specify which planet you’ll need to do this in
    • Kill 20 enemies in the Menagerie without dying – very easy to do and can be completed during the Lamplighter encounter
    • Kill 40 enemies in Gambit without dying.
    • Bank 20 motes in Gambit Prime without dying.

    Update: Bypassing the Boons of Opulence Daily Limit

    New information comes from Reddit user Finchstrife who has found the means to bypass and cheese the daily limit for your Boons of Opulence. The user notes that you need at least two characters, and you’ll also have to stay online around the daily reset time (10 a.m. Pacific).

    Using one character (that hasn’t done bounties for that day), pick up the Tribute Hall bounties before the daily reset. Do the bounties before the reset happens, then wait at the Tribute Hall. Be sure that you stay online the entire time. Do not log out!

    When Destiny 2’s daily reset happens, you’ll be notified that “new adventures are available.” Mouse over your bounties and, if they award you Boons of Opulence, go turn in only three of them. Interact with the statue to obtain your discounts.

    Next, switch to your other character. Pick up the bounties for the current day — if you mouse over them, you’ll see that you can still get your Boons of Opulence. Complete them and turn them in.

    Repeat the same steps as above, picking up bounties on your previous character before the reset happens. Turn in only three after the reset, followed by doing the same on your other characters.

    More players have been reporting that you can keep getting discounts on your alts as long as you only turn in three at a time except for your last character (where you’d turn in all four). You’ll be able to get a maximum 10% discount from 10 Boons of Opulence each day — 3/3/4 — as opposed to the usual 4%.

    Other players have suggested that the cheese can work as long as you’re using leftover bounties that you haven’t turned in from previous days. In any case, if the cheese works for you, it’ll make getting the Bad Juju exotic catalyst a lot easier.

    Destiny 2 Tribute Hall Triumphs Discount Cheese

    Tribute Hall Triumphs

    There are 19 triumphs for the Tribute Hall and many of these award you with specific decorations that you can use to adorn the area. A majority of these triumphs require you to equip weapons and armor obtained from the Menagerie or any Leviathan raid (this includes Crown of Sorrow and Leviathan raids from Destiny 2‘s first year). They are:

    • Imperial Footsoldier – defeat enemies in strikes
    • High Roller – complete a Nightfall strike with a score of 100k or higher
    • Lavish Defender – meet the minimum threshold for a Nightfall strike completion at 50k score or higher
    • Imperial Scoundrel- defeat enemies in Gambit
    • Imperial Assassin- defeat guardians in Gambit
    • The Scoundrel in Uniform – earn infamy in Gambit; winning a match while wearing full Calus-themed armor provides a flat 6% boost, and it seems streaks don’t matter
    • The Emperor’s Gladiator – earn valor in the Crucible; winning a match while wearing full Calus-themed armor provides a flat 3% boost, and it seems streaks don’t matter
    • Into the Coliseum- defeat guardians in the Crucible
    • Final Exam – complete encounters in any Leviathan raid; can be completed if you finish Crown of Sorrow
    • A Succulent Wish – complete encounters in the Last Wish raid
    • Fist of the Empire – complete encounters in the Scourge of the Past raid
    • Crown of Sorrow – complete encounters in, well, obviously, the Crown of Sorrow raid

    The remaining Tribute Hall triumphs don’t necessarily require you to equip Calus-themed gear. They are:

    • Novice Curator – offer one tribute in the Tribute Hall
    • Golden Offerings – offer 50 tributes; awards the “X marks the spot” exotic emote
    • Thrifty – reach 80% maximum discount
    • Secret Triumph – this is yet to be revealed
    • Champion Triumphant – accumulate at least 40,000 triumph score for your account
    • Completionist – complete any badge in your collections tab
    • Only the Essentials – complete the mission “The Other Side” solo and without dying

    With a bit of patience (and time), you’ll be finished with all the Tribute Hall triumphs along with the Bad Juju exotic quest. For more Destiny 2 guides, check out our hub right over here.

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