After being caught out throttling XP gains for heavy¬†Destiny 2 users, Bungie’s changes to the system haven’t exactly rolled out smoothly. The mechanic that was seeing regular players receiving XP slower than those who pop on for a few hours per week was said to have been removed “effective immediately” last week.

Then, on Saturday, further testing by Destiny 2 players suggested that the updated progression system had some hidden problems too. They used the Destiny 2 API (which allows third-party apps to interface with the game) to determine that while players were probably getting about 6% more XP from public events than before, it was now taking more XP overall to level up.

The API had previously showed it taking 80,000 XP per level. From Saturday, it was taking 160,000. That means more time to earn a ‘Bright Engram’, and more incentive to just spend some real cash at the Eververse store.

Yesterday, Bungie confirmed that yes, indeed, the “correct value” to earn an additional level is 160,000 XP. They added that the Destiny 2 API has yet to be updated to reflect that change.

The ongoing problem with all of this, and what clearly has the player base irritated and frustrated, is the lack of transparency. Bungie’s XP throttling was hidden from player view, and only changed when it was exposed. Problems with XP are just one of many issues Destiny 2 players have been trying to communicate to the studio, too. This post from the same subreddit for the game is representative of the annoyance some are clearly feeling. It worries that the XP issue will overshadow other, just as pressing, problems.

Bungie may be moving (slowly) into action to address some of these things. A couple of days back, Destiny 2 director Luke Smith posted a tweet trailing a December update to the game that will alter some of the economy and reward systems. Whether that will be enough to placate people remains to be seen.

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