Another one that’s probably PC-bound sooner or later.

So, now that the inevitable GTA V PC version is confirmed, it’s time to turn attention to some of the other games that will almost certainly probably make it to PC. One of those is Destiny, Bungie’s MMO-shooter hybrid that’s inexplicably getting 360/PS3 versions but nothing (as yet) on PC.

The more Activision get asked about it, though, the more likely a PC release starts to sound. In a recent chat with Polygon, CEO of Activision Publishing Erik Hirshberg made further encouraging noises about something happening at a later date.

“[Destiny on PC is] something we’re talking about and looking at very carefully, and obviously it makes a lot of sense with the genre and the type of game it is,” Hirshberg says, adding “no announcements, but it’s something that’s a heavy point of discussion.”

He also makes some additional comments that would indicate work would begin on a PC version once the console development is completed.

“Developing on PC is a different animal than developing for consoles and so we just want to make sure that we’re putting one foot in front of the other and getting it right, and that it’s of the highest possible quality. But obviously I see the same things about the natural fit.”

Like GTA V it appears to only be a matter of time before this one is announced.

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