There has been some rumours flying around that Bungie’s new franchise, Destiny has a budget of $500 million. Whilst there’s no doubt that Destiny is certainly a triple A game, Bungie have denied the rumour. Bungie stated that you’d have to ask Activision’s people for an exact price but were adamant that “including associated marketing costs and pizza Wednesdays, is nowhere near 500 million dollars.”

The Alpha for Destiny has also gone live and some lucky PlayStation 4 owners are now able to test the game out. A big selling point for the game is the fact that the little robot that accompanies you and helps you out is voiced by Peter Dinklage, who is best known for his role as Tyrion Lannister in HBO’s Game of Thrones series. Some fans have felt that the voice work is poor compared to Peter’s stellar work on Game of Thrones but Bungie have stated that this is simply due to the unfinished nature of the alpha and that Peter’s lines have “already been updated for Beta,” and that they’ll be “updated again for launch.”

Source: Joystiq

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