In a recent hands-on session with Rebellion’s upcoming Sniper Elite V2, we had a rather unnerving experience. 
Happily getting on with our mission, we took aim at an enemy that was rudely standing in our way with our trusty sniper rifle with the idea of removing him from our path. We were hardly in a safe position so our aim was rushed, but we had to shoot anyway. The poor bugger got it right in the balls.
How do we know we took it so cleanly in the nutsack? Because Sniper Elite V2 employs a kill-cam that shows an x-ray image of the damage your bullet has done… in this case, the guys balls were shot right off. All the way off. They were gone. Destroyed. 
Sorry, mate. That wasn’t our intention. Promise.
Unfortunately, we haven’t been provided of images of such incidents. Just trust us when we say that they’re pretty brutal.
The man responsible for this virtual genital mutilation? Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley:
“Basically, I can remember having the conversation “bollocks or not,”” Kingsley told us. “In the end it was, “fuck it, put them in.” We’re shooting people in the head, so why shouldn’t we shoot them in the bollocks as well.
“It might make you wince, but shooting them in the head is spoiling their day too. So, on my head be that decision.
“I think it’s realistic, it’s ‘fun’ and it makes you wince. One other time I’ve shot an enemy in the game where the bullet went in through his nose, down his spine and out of his arse. That’s horrible but it’s not really any worse than shooting them through the heart. It’s just not something we’re used to seeing so we’re not desensitised to it so much.”
Look for our full hands-on report of Sniper Elite V2 very soon. 

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