The details for Capcom’s third fun zombie slaying title’s DLC and season pass have been released.

Dead Rising 3 is to get a total of four pieces of content over the course of the coming year, and will be entitled: Broken Eagle, Fallen Angel, Chaos Rising, and The Last Angel. The DLC could start to shuffle out as early as this coming December.

The packs include new playable characters, new missions, new weapons and much more.

If take the bait and pick up the season pass for $29.99 you’re not only making a small saving – as each pack will set you back $10 each – you will also get yourself the “Nick Ramos Pack” which includes a muscle car, and an alternative skin for the character.

Dead Rising 3 is one of the launch titles for Mircosoft’s upcoming XboxOne console, and will be released on the 22nd November alongside the console.

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