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We’re a PC site, of course I’m going to lead with the keyboard layout shot.

We reported on this last night, but can now officially confirm that Deus Ex: The Fall is heading to the PC. 25 March is the release date for that, and if you pre-order it on Steam you get a free copy of the original Deus Ex Game of the Year Edition which is spilling over with JC Denton goodness.

Yesterday, I was wondering what kind of upgrades and enhancements the PC version of this iOS title would have, and Square’s press release has provided a couple of answers. The game now has added keyboard/mouse support (handy!) adjusted AI and … err .. Steam trading cards. It does mention that Deus Ex: The Fall will also have “so much more” on PC, but a few concrete details about improved textures or FOV options might have been nice.

The title will cost $10.00 USD and deals with the story of Ben Saxon, former SAS mercenary and star of the spin-off Deus Ex novel Icarus Effect. It’s set in 2027 which the press release describes as “a golden age for science.” In theĀ Deus Ex engine, Mr Press Release, everything is golden.

Here are some screenshots, which include some controller and keyboard layouts.

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