Deus Ex: Human Revolution, ‘Augmented Edition’ Revealed

Eidos Montreal has released details of an ‘Augmented’ special edition of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, which will come complete with the usual extra goodies (though not, sadly, any amazing retractable sunglasses.)
What you will get is a 40 page artbook, a bonus DVD with making-of feature, soundtrack and ‘special trailers’ as well as something described as a ‘motion graphic novel.’ It’ll set you back an extra $10.00 USD on top of the regular edition (ie; $60.00 USD for the PC, $70.00 for either 360 or PS3.)
Combined, the package looks a little like this:

GameStop is dangling the nostalgia-carrot of a pre-order bonus mission with cameo from an original Deus Ex character (I hope it’s one of the super-philosophical bartenders, or a drunk Australian lady) – plus a Linebacker G-87 multiple shot grenade launcher and M-28 Utility Remote-Detonated Explosive Device. You also get something called an ‘Automatic Unlocking Device’ which surely defeats the point of lockpicking in the game, but hey. Maybe it’s a one-shot device.
These pre-order GameStop goodies look like this:

The mysterious ‘other participating retailers’ is offering different pre-order swag. Namely, the Huntsman Silverback Double-Barrel Shotgun, Longsword Whisperhead Extreme Range Sniper Rifle and some extra credits so you can buy yourself some sweeties or something.
Those look like this:

At present, all of these offers are US-only.

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