Deus Ex: Human Revolution’s Subtitle Explained

Eidos Montreal has explained the meaning behind the Human Revolution subtitle of the forthcoming third Deus Ex game.In the Q&A we published over the weekend regarding the new cinematic trailer, the team answered the question “What does the game’s subtitle, Human Revolution, refer to?”“The progress of technology and the advent of mechanical augmentations has offered mankind many exciting new possibilities but also many dangerous ones as well,” responded the team. “In Deus Ex: Human Revolution, humanity will come to a tipping point where Adam Jensen will have to decide the path our society takes.”It’s a time of wonderful advancements but also much unrest as the general public, governments, and corporations all struggle to come to terms with the new possibilities.”Makes sense. What we particularly like is the mention of protagonist Adam Jensen decided the path society takes. Can we say multiple paths and multiple endings? Here’s hoping.Be sure to check out the full Q&A to find out the meaning of the video and its Icarus references, what happened to Adam, whether or not you can fly, what’s going on in the world of Human Revolution, whether or not the video assets are from in-game models, and a whole lot more.

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