AMD has released a full set of slides used in its GDC 2015 conference titled “Augmented Hair in Deus Ex Universe Projects – TressFX 3.0,” showing a hirsute Adam Jensen.

You can have a look at the slides yourself at the following link (you’ll need something that can view .ppsx files,) which I came to by way of those fine fellows at NeoGaf.

I wouldn’t say that Adam Jensen’s inclusion as an example in these slides signifies anything definitive about his return as a character, but the use of his face is interesting nonetheless. It’s possible AMD and Eidos simply consider him to be the most recognisable ‘face’ of Deus Ex at this point in time.

Deus Ex Universe is an umbrella term for various Deus Ex projects that Eidos Montreal are working on. One of which seems to be a game in the manner of Human Revolution. It even has a new engine.

Judging by this presentation, it’ll be making use of AMD’s fancy Tress FX 3.0 hair effects too. You can see how those are looking in the slides below (click for larger.)

deus ex universe tress fx 3 (2)

deus ex universe tress fx 3 (1)

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