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We were promised another look at EA Motive’s upcoming horror game this year, and another look is what we’ll have. Later this week on March 11, the developer is hosting a new livestream for the Dead Space remake. What will we learn this time? It’s hard to say at the moment, but EA Motive may have dropped a wink.

But the livestream will give us an update on the development of the Dead Space remake. And that’s not even close to a bad thing. The first livestream was a frankly candid look at the game, which was still at the time very early in production. In a rare move, the livestream existed as a test of sorts, to show fans the foundation of the game and gain some feedback.


The team showed off quite a lot, but much of it still felt like it was in concept form. We got to see some of the new lighting effects, powered by the Frostbite engine. It made the dreary halls of the USG Ishimura even more foreboding and atmospheric than what the original could achieve. And that’s pretty impressive, as Dead Space was, artistically, a fairly top-notch as a horror game. It caused me to jump more than once.

Do you hear what I hear

EA Motive did drop a slight clue as to what the stream will cover. In the Twitter announcement (shown above), the team coyly writes, “Did you ~hear~ what our next [Dead Space] Developer Livestream will cover?” If you listen closely, you can make out someone whispering something. I don’t know what they’re saying, personally. Those replying to the thread believe it’s “dead body,” “it’s in the body,” or “Dead by Daylight.” I really don’t think it’s the latter, unless we’re hearing about a crossover no one expected (we’re not).

The livestream kicks off on March 11 at 1 PM ET. Be sure to watch the YouTube link on the day, and get ready for more grotesque body horror. I can’t wait.

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