Remedy have given out some more details on Alan Wake.According to IGN, Remedy’s head of franchise development Oskari Hakkinen spoke to about Alan Wake, and they managed to tease a little more information out of him.As we already know, Alan Wake is a story-based game, described as a “psychological action thriller.” Wake himself is a best-selling writer suffering writer’s block, and so his wife, Alice, takes him to the town of Bright Falls – where things, inevitably, go horribly wrong. Wake’s wife vanishes, and his nightmares begin to seep into the real world.Hakkinen stated that we should think of it like Lost, or 24, with each “episode” ending with a cliffhanger. And, apparently, Wake is also trying to find the missing pages of his manuscript.There will be a lot less action than is in Max Payne, and when asked if Hakkinen would compare it more to the Silent Hill games, he said the story would be much more involved.Lighting, itself, is incredibly important, figuring into everything, apparently, including combat. There’s also a day/night cycle, and weather will equally have an impact on the way things are going; the example given was that a car will be harder to drive in heavy rain.All of this said, we still have no real idea as to how it plays.Either way, we’re eagerly anticipating Alan Wake, and fully expect more information later this year.

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