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Charlie Lonnit, the director, hasn’t had a good relationship with his crew. Sadly, things are about to take a turn for the worse, especially with a killer on the loose. Here’s our The Devil in Me guide to help you get the Guilty achievement involving Charlie, as well as to explain the Complicit bearing.

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The Devil in Me guide – Guilty achievement and Complicit bearing

The Guilty achievement in The Devil in Me goes hand in hand with the Complicit bearing. Basically, the group no longer trusts Charlie, believing him to be in cahoots with the killer. If you make all the wrong choices and actions, Charlie will pay the price. We outline the steps that you need to do if you want to reach this particular point.


  • Make sure that Erin survives in Blackout (i.e., don’t attack Du’Met and don’t use the inhaler).
  • In Silver Ash, check behind the covers to see a tape recorder. Play it, and you’ll hear a call from Charlie. It seems he’s telling Du’Met that he’s bringing his crew over so they can get slaughtered. Ensure that Erin also survives a key moment here once Du’Met shows up (i.e., hide in the closet instead of making a run for it).
  • In Breathless, Erin and Kate will be trapped in the Suffocation Room. Choose to kill Kate (don’t worry since she’s got plot armor).
    • If you kill Erin, she’ll really end up dead. However, she’ll write that Charlie’s complicit in the murder spree going on. Still, I’m not sure how drastic it would alter a few moments later on, so let’s just keep her alive.
  • In Maze as Kate, choose to run so the ladies can push the door open and escape. This prevents Erin from being killed when she’s on her on.
  • Long story short, Erin should reach the Lighthouse chapter.
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  • In Ignition, choose to lift the grate, twice. Charlie will avoid getting burned to a crisp.
  • In Waste Disposal, pass the QTEs and minigames so Charlie doesn’t fall down the grinder.
  • Then, in Cliffside, there are a couple of ways that Charlie can die (i.e., failing the “Don’t Breathe” minigame while hiding in the freezer and failing to balance across the beam). Make sure he’s still around.
  • And, there you go, Charlie should make it to the Lighthouse chapter.
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  • Mark, Erin, and Charlie will all reunite during the Lighthouse chapter. Erin will tell Mark to do something about Charlie:
    • If you want Charlie to survive, side with him by picking the “Reassuring” response.
    • If you want Charlie to die, tie him up by picking the “Afraid” response.
  • Next, explore the lighthouse until you see a couple of tape recorders on a table:
    • If you think Charlie is innocent, play the tape recorders to hear that Charlie’s voice was spliced.
    • If Charlie’s tied up outside, then you can ignore the tapes.

Complete the Lighthouse chapter normally. As it’s about to conclude, the group will look for Charlie since he’s no longer tied to the fence. Eventually, they find his corpse thrown off a cliff, smashing down on the rocks below. You’ll see the word “Complicit” carved on his torso.

The poor assumptions of the crew led to Charlie’s death, and you’ll receive the Guilty achievement in The Devil in Me. The Complicit bearing, meanwhile, will turn out differently if you believed his story.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me is available via Steam.

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