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Yes, there is, indeed, a cute doggo in The Devil in Me. He’ll pop up from time to time, scaring away the characters. Eventually, though, you’ll need to make a fateful choice. Here’s our The Devil in Me guide to help you save the dog, Connie, for the Happier Ending achievement and Mysterious Creature bearing.

Note: For more information, check out our The Devil in Me guides and features hub. Likewise, please be reminded that this guide contains spoilers.


The Devil in Me guide – How to save Connie the dog (Happier Ending achievement and Mysterious Creature bearing)

Connie is the name of the dog in The Devil in Me and your encounters with her are part of the Mysterious Creature bearing. Before we continue, I’d have to cite that all characters remained alive during the course of my run. However, I’ll still add related details due to all the possible outcomes.

Cliffside: Mark pets the dog/Charlie runs away

If Charlie died earlier in the game, you’ll control Mark as he’s on his way to the factory. There, he’ll see the dog. You’ll have an aim-and-throw moment here:

  • Let the timer expire so Mark doesn’t throw a rock at Connie. He’ll be able to pet him, implying that the doggo trusts Mark. This might be important later on.
  • If you throw the rock, that’ll just scare away Connie.

Note: If Charlie is still alive, you’ll control him during the Cliffside chapter. Connie will bark at him, and that’s that. It’s implied that Mark encountered, petted, and befriended the creature.

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Homestead: Kate and Jamie are alive

The key decision if you want to save the dog in The Devil in Me occurs during the Homestead chapter. In my playthrough, I was controlling Jamie, although Kate was also alive (both survived the Glass Trap).

In any case, enter the farmhouse. Jamie will see Connie the pitbull. You’re then given an important choice if you want to save Connie the dog in The Devil in Me, and it involves telling Kate what to do:

  • Demanding: Help me – Kate will try to aid Jamie, but she’ll also run with her to the backroom.
  • Anxious: Hide – Jamie will tell Kate to hide behind one of the sofas. This is the correct response.

Shortly thereafter, Du’Met will show up. He’ll hear Connie’s growls, and he’ll investigate where the noise is coming from. Make sure to check the Accessibility options, and that the QTE timeouts and combat timers are not disabled.

Now, once Du’Met spots Jamie, the camera will pan to the broken bottle that Jamie is holding. This will turn into an aim-and-shoot (or stab) sequence.

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Here are all the possible outcomes:

  • Stab Connie – Jamie will kill Connie to prevent him from barking. Du’Met will leave, which allows Jamie to survive. Still, that makes you an absolute jerk, and I won’t hear any excuses (even though I’m a cat person).
  • You chose the “Demanding” reply and you let the timer expire – This means Kate is with you in the backroom. If you don’t stab Connie, he’ll bark and cause Du’Met to check the area. He’ll then chop Jamie right in the head, leading to her death. There is no way to avoid this.
  • You chose the “Anxious” reply and you let the timer expire – This means Kate is still in the living room. Connie will bark and Du’Met will approach. Before he can do anything, Kate will kick him, and Connie will bite him, too. This allows everyone to escape unharmed.
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Lake: Doggo joins the boatride

Anyway, you’ve saved Connie the dog in The Devil in Me. The next time you see him will be during the Lake finale. As the group sails away on a boat, Connie will hop in and join them since she trusts Mark. When Du’Met attacks, she’ll get thrown overboard, though she’ll manage to swim to safety. This nets you the Happier Ending achievement.

Note: You’ll obtain the Happier Ending achievement regardless of which (human) characters live through the finale. It’s even possible to get the entire crew killed, making the dog the sole survivor.

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Homestead: What if Jamie is already dead?

Last but not least, if Jamie died during the Director’s Suite chapter (i.e., either stabbed by Du’Met or squished by the Glass Trap), you’ll end up controlling Kate all by her lonesome in the Homestead chapter.

When the aim-and-stab moment occurs, do not kill Connie. Just let the timer expire so Connie ends up barking and running away. Funnily enough, Du’Met will just bring his axe down and hit a can of tomato sauce. That’s because Kate’s survival is assured… for now.

From there, make sure that Kate is able to rescue Mark in the Lighthouse chapter by investigating the door. This ensures that you’ll still get the Lake finale. If they both get captured, you’ll get the Ultimatum finale, which won’t involve escaping with Connie.

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The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me is available via Steam.

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