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With a bloodthirsty killer on the loose and a mansion that boggles the mind, there’s no shortage of ways you can meet your doom in The Devil in Me. Still, if you play your cards right, it’s possible for your heroes to live to see another day. Here’s our The Devil in Me everyone survives walkthrough guide to help you keep all your characters alive throughout the campaign.

Note: For more information, check out our The Devil in Me guides and features hub. Likewise, please be reminded that this guide contains spoilers.


The Devil in Me Everyone Survives walkthrough guide – How to keep all characters alive (Theatrical Cut – Solo)

Before we get started with our everyone survives walkthrough guide for The Devil in Me, I have to state that this won’t follow a “full walkthrough” in the traditional sense. For instance, I won’t list down every single secret, collectible, or obol in a room. Instead, we’re just going to focus on the most important decisions and actions that can keep the main characters Kate, Mark, Jamie, Charlie, and Erin alive until the end. And, yes, I guess we can also save the dog.

Note 1: If a chapter/scene isn’t mentioned, that’s because nothing integral to your survival happens there. You could even fail some QTEs and the plot armor will shield some characters.

Note 2: This Everyone Survives walkthrough guide for The Devil in Me assumes that you’re playing the Theatrical Cut solo. Things may change if you’re playing co-op and your partners decide to do something else.

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  • Erin – Take the inhaler and don’t attack Du’Met.

Silver Ash

  • Erin – Don’t use the inhaler when going through the misty corridor. Come to think of it, don’t use the inhaler at all whenever you’re prompted.
  • Erin – In the Silver Ash room, you’ll hear Jamie’s voice. Hide inside the closet when you’re prompted.

Note: Just a quick update regarding the inhaler. The info I mentioned above was mostly from my experience prior to the game’s release. Since the inhaler was given by the killer and Erin could survive without using it, I thought it was better to be careful lest you get another “the bends” moment (Man of Medan players, raise your hands if you understand the reference). However, I’ve been told recently by a Redditor that it’s totally fine to use the inhaler. It only factors in during the finale where Erin has to fight (not just avoid) Du’Met. But, since this instance only occurs if Kate is already dead, then it won’t be a problem if you’re going for an “Everyone Survives” playthrough.

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  • Charlie – Pry open the grate. This prompt will pop up twice, so make sure you choose the same option.


  • Jamie – This has the Suffocation Room. Choose to “kill’ Kate. Don’t worry because air is still seeping through an opening, allowing Mark to save her.

Waste Disposal

  • Charlie – Pass all the QTE sequences. Then, jump across the gap. Succeed in the “Don’t Breathe” minigame and don’t mess up. Otherwise, you’ll get ripped apart by the grinder.
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Director’s Suite

  • Kate – Inside the control room, respond in an anxious manner so Jamie hands you the screwdriver.
  • Jamie – While being chased by Du’Met, choose to run. Then, tell Kate to wait. This will let you pass through the moving wall. If you tell Kate to close it too early, you need to press the correct button prompt, or Jamie will die.
  • Jamie – You’ll find yourself in the Glass Trap. Choose the defiant reply, which seems to cause Jamie to automatically press the button. Alternatively, choose to be apologetic, but make sure that you do press the button manually. The glass will crush Kate, but, since she has the screwdriver, it will break once it reaches her.
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  • Kate – As Kate, you’ll want to successfully complete all QTE and “Don’t Breathe” sequences here. Later on, you might see Du’Met holding Jamie hostage. Choose to save her.
  • Kate – As an aside, I’ve done a separate run where Kate failed every QTE, and she was still okay. Still, that was when I caused Jamie to die earlier. I’m not sure if failure here could lead to problems for Jamie if she’s still alive.


  • Kate – After you enter the barn, choose to barricade the entrance, then run to the opposite door. Do not climb the incline, or Erin will be separated from the group and she’d take an axe to the chest.


  • Charlie – Charlie and Mark will hide inside the curing vats in the meat factory. Pass the “Don’t Breathe” minigame so Charlie doesn’t get butchered.
  • Charlie – Upon exiting the factory, Mark will happily walk across a wooden plank. You have to do the same thing as Charlie, but you must avoid going off-balance. If Charlie tilts further toward one direction, he’d fall to his doom.
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  • Jamie – This is where you can save Connie the dog. Once Jamie and Kate enter the farmhouse, pick the anxious reply, causing Kate to hide behind a sofa.
  • Jamie – When the aim-and-stab sequence occurs, do not kill the dog (seriously!). Let the timer expire and the dog will bark. However, because Kate is hiding behind the sofa, she’ll kick Du’Met, allowing the ladies and the doggo to escape.


  • Mark – Regardless of what Erin says, continue to trust Charlie and don’t tie him up outside.


  • Erin – When the police officer arrives, have Erin tell Mark to grab the gun. The weapon will fall in the water, but Mark will get the pepper spray instead.
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If you correctly followed the above instructions, then all five main characters, as well as Connie the dog, will be sailing on the boat. You’ve managed to keep everyone alive in The Devil in Me so far.

Still, Du’Met isn’t done with you just yet. It’s time to see what transpires in the Lake finale, as well as the ending scenes/variants.

Note: There’s also the Ultimatum alternate finale. However, this requires several characters to die early on, and no one really makes it out alive.

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The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me is available via Steam.

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