The first closed beta for Devilian will run from October 22nd to 26th.

In this persistent-world RPG you play half devil half human and must save your world from a fallen god, Kavel.  As you defeat monsters you collect their souls and when you have enough you can change into Devil form yourself and unleash your devil abilities which are distinct from your human abilities.  Players can take up arms as rampaging Berserkers, harness destructive magic as Evokers, wield heavy weapons as Cannoneers, or stalk their enemies as Shadowhunters brandishing bladed chains. Each Class hides a unique Devil Form.

As a persistent world there are challenges and daily quests, crafting quests, guilds as well as multi-guild alliances which promise to keep you playing. Additionally players can take part 20 vs. 20 PvP battles.

They have a Q&A with questions from gamers that might answer any questions you now have.

You can sign up for the Devilian beta here.  Below a few screenshots to help you make up your mind whether you want to give it a go.

They have a trailer too but it’s not gameplay but rather one of those glossy CGI things. It’s flavour that’s all.

However, they’ve conducted some live streams with the devs which show off gameplay and of course divulge plenty of info along the way. The five videos are archived at that link.

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