In what at first seemed like a total prank, Devolver Digital announced during their E3 press conference that they will be selling a game bundle that contains rip-offs of their own games. But no, it’s actually a real thing! The best part? Devolver Bootleg‘s listing of $4.99 is discounted down to $4.94, a wonderfully absurd price of 1% off.

    The bundle contains such titles as Enter the Gun Dungeon, Hotline Milwaukee, Shooty Boots, Catsylvania, and Luftrousers. Note the word “trousers” in the latter title. There are several other titles included in the bootleg bundle, too.

    The Steam store page has a wonderful collection of weird descriptions for each of the games. My personal favorite was the description for Luftrousers, which is written by a concerned underground game developer, who left his thumb drive in a coffee shop on accident. He is urging anyone who finds it to please return it to him. That, and he asks them not to include his illegally made game in Devolver Digital’s upcoming collection of bootleg games.

    Devolver’s presser was gruesome and unusual

    During the conference, the announcer made several allusions toward trying to “grease” money away from the consumer. This scummy, white-collar guy then finds himself gruesomely destroyed as a tentacle rips through his abdomen. Ouch, Devolver! This, of course, led to the reveal of new gameplay footage for Carrion.

    You have to love Devolver for their style. They take something like E3 and boil it down into some good old-fashioned crude humor. For a glimpse of the Devolver Bootleg teaser, have a look at the video below.

    Also set to release this month from Devolver is My Friend Pedro, which we mention in our monthly PC game release schedule. For information on that and other games coming out this month, have a look at our schedule here.


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