Fall Guys

What is Fall Guys, exactly? It’s a slapstick platformer that Devolver Digital introduced a few months back; and it’s shaping up to be one of 2020’s best sleeper hits. But if you’re still confused as to what these guys are actually about, there’s a video series to help out.

The publisher has launched a new docuseries covering the development of the Fall Guys. Named “Behind the Stumbles,” it takes a closer look at why the developers are taking a less-than-serious route with it.

Its first episode is below, and it’s got a proper name going for it: “What is Fall Guys?” Several members of the team talk about how the game came together, and what the team hopes to accomplish.

Is Fall Guys worth falling for?

Mediatonic is hard at work on the game and will show it off later this month at PAX East in Boston. But this video should provide a better idea of what the team wants to do and why it should be noteworthy to PC owners.

On top of that, Devolver Digital also launched a new contest to promote Fall Guys. Called the Make a Fall Guy contest, it dares gamers to create their own dream (nightmare?) character. Those that are lucky enough to win will see their design in the final game when it launches this year. Full details are available at the link above.

Those that want to learn even more about Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout can check out the official Steam page. There, you can get caught up on trailers, see some wacky screenshots and read up more. And you they want, you can also wishlist it as it gets closer to release. Who knows, these just might be some Guys worth…falling for?

Expect more entries in the “Behind the Stumbles” video series in the months ahead.


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