Diablo 3 Auction House Support Failing Customers

The Diablo 3 real money auction is continuing to frustrate players, and today another case arose of another expensive item mysteriously vanishing.

Player Lowkeylai sold an item worth $186 thinking the deal was done once he had received the confirmation message in the game and via email. Unfortunately for him the Blizzard auction house system had other ideas and the money never appeared in his PayPal account.

Lowkeylai followed up with Blizzard support to find out what was going on with the payment, and after many support tickets, he was told that the sale had actually failed, despite receiveing confirmation it had completed and the item was sold. When the item did not appear back in his account, he was then informed by Blizzard support that the item could not be reinstated.

As any Diablo 3 player will know, the item hunt can be more than tricky, so when you find something particularly valuable, it will have been after many hours of item farming.

The support from Blizzard was less than satisfactory and highlights that Blizzard do not have sufficient systems in place to deal with their auction house customers. Considering that much of Diablo 3 has been designed around the real money autcion house, you would have thought this was one area that would have been nailed down before the auction house actually launched.

In the correspondence from the Blizzard support team, Lowkeylai was asked to “continue to enjoy his World of Warcraft experience”. It certainly looks like no proper procedures are in place to deal with auction house queries and standard emails are being pumped out in an attempt to keep customer happy. No sale and no item, not much to be happy about there.

Source: Diablo: IncGamers

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  • Davidtheslayer

    I guess Blizz don’t want to be liable legally for an item as they have no grauntee of it. Could they take some lessons from Ebay?

  • CursedSeishi

    No surprise here, the game is a shoddy attempt at Diablo at best, and its clear that any of the intelligent designers weren’t exactly as focused on the game as they were on extorting as much possible cash after release as they could.

    Lowkeylai, if possible, should get in contact with the player buying his item too. I find it hard to believe that both the payment failed and the item deleted, so someone should check if the buyer actually got his money back or if that $186 “vanished” as well.

    • ChiGoku

      There is no way to contact the buyer of the item, its all done annonymous… and I doubt blizzard would lift a finger to even attempt to try

      • Nothing is stopping Blizzard from fucking both the seller and the buyer then if you can’t independently check if the other person received it.

        • psyounger

          You are right this is a big problem, However, if it ever got out that this went on Blizzard would be done and dusted so I seriously doubt this would happen.

  • No conspiracy here. Charges will bounce if the buyer doesn’t actually have the money.

    • Guest

      The ability of the buyer to pay is irrelevant to the issue here, which is whether or not the seller’s item can be reinstated after the system ate it. Unless you’re saying the seller has no recourse on grounds that the buyer wouldn’t have been able to pay for the item anyway, which would just be silly unless you know the buyer was broke or something.

      • I agree, but we don’t know if the item was legit in the first place. It’s a very grey area with a lot of people trying to game their system. All I’m saying is that there is no real investigation in progress – only 3rd party sources claiming issues.

        There is a lot of comments in their forums, but I would debate that not even 50% of the comments are even people encountering this problem, and are instead trolling or raising pitch forks.

    • psyounger

      If a CC is declines the seller should at least get the item back which goes back to my point of the support being pretty disgraceful.

      • ChiGoku

        The thing is, to purchase the item, u must have the available funds in the first place to even place a bid, so saying that the buyer didn’t have the funds and bounced shouldn’t even be the case. You can either have the money on paypal, and purchase it through your paypal account, by selecting so through the Auction house, or through your battle.net currency option aswell, but for both ways regardles, you would need the full amount to either bid/do buyout.

        • Skalok

          As greedy as Blizzard has proven to be, I wouldn’t put it passed them to have taken the money for themselves. The buyer must have received he item, the auction house system is simple, it’s the money that has vanished.

          • Yes. That’s it. Blizzard is stealing from it’s customers.

          • No. What’s more likely is 1) Incompetent customer service. 2) There is probably a way to fake having a balance. 3) There is probably a way to circumvent the AH system and buy an item with no balance. 4) It’s probably possible to buy two items within a certain amount of period of time and have a negative balance. Example: I have $10, I buy one item that is $10 and then my transaction goes into a queue to process. My transaction isn’t yet completed so my balance is still $10, so I buy a second item (perhaps the delay is too long and I think that the first didn’t complete successfully, perhaps I’m a hacker) and it will actually go into process because in the backend my balance can justify it. The GUI of the AH and notifications can all be deceiving because things take time to process, but on the frontend they’re designed to LOOK like they’re fast.
            What I think is most likely is that Blizzard is new to Real Money transactions like this and they have not thought of every single possibility of failure in their system. Their system has flaws. No system is without flaws.

  • cosmicpower

    i used to be a big fan of blizzard then diablo 3 happend