With the new Diablo 3 patch 14 releasing last night in the early hours, the IncGamers team have been bust looking at all the changes, including the addition of hardcore mode in this patch.
Flux has written a very report on all the new additions and changes which also comes with illustrative images so you can see exactly what has changed this time around. Everything is covered such as crafting, items, bugs, drops and much more.
For those of you who like digging into the skill stats, we have compiled list of all the skill changes in this update and compare them to the skills in the previous patch 13. The DiabloNut.com Diablo 3 database has also been updated with the latest skill changes. 
As usual, the team also dug into the game’s data files to pull out some of the art and information that were added in this patch.
If you want to know what it looks like when you die in Hardcore more then take a look at the  Hardcore death screens.

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