A video has been released of what appears to be a speed hack being used in the Diablo 3 Beta.
Blizzard are wanting to make sure that Diablo 3 stays clean and added the always online requirement for the single players game. DRM was never the reason Blizzard gave for the always-on requirement, it was mainly about a secure game environment, especially now there is a real money auction house included.

It appears there are still holes to be plugged and a Beta tester released a video earlier showing what appears to be a working speed hack in action. After analysing the video there doesn’t seem to be any video editing trickery at play if you watch the door and environment animations.

With certain data being handled client-side, and information being sent back to Blizzard’s servers for verifitcation to stop hacks, this one looks to have slipped through. It is likely this will be fixed quickly with Blizzard making adjustments to their aproval code server-side, but it does beg the question, what else could be hacked that’s handled by the client?

We have to remember that this is why there are Beta tests and its better the game is being hacked up now before retail release and testers really push to break the game. These hacks will help the development team really nail down any potention problems.

Source: Diablo: IncGamers

Paul Younger
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