Diablo 3 characters can now dance – Watch the video


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Players of MMOs are used to seeing dancing emotes but now Diablo 3 players get to boogie too,

In an MMO where lots of players can gather to meet or chat, emotes make sense. In an ARPG where there’s a max of four players per game, well we’re not so sure it was worth Blizzard’s effort.

Despite what we think, Blizzard has added dancing emotes for all the classes in the Diablo 3 2.1.0 patch which just hit the public test realms. The only really recognisable dance is the Barbarian’s Haka and the monk appears to love his ballet.

This is real, we’re not yanking your chain.  Below you can watch all the classes in action in our video which Elly out together earlier.

Also as a reminder, make sure you check out our new full v2.1.0 report which has been put together by the Diablo: IncGamers team. It discusses and analyses the new content that will be coming when the final parch is released.

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