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With the recent launch of Diablo 3’s 2.3.0 patch which added a stack of new features, the development team scheduled in a Q&A session today.

The questions were posted on Reddit which is always a nightmare to follow but the Diabloii.Net team has made life a lot easier for everyone and compiled all the important stuff into a coherent thread  and discarded all the garbage to save you time.

There’s a broad range of topics covered in this chat including items, game modes, story, art, and of course the obligatory questions about the the next expansion which they manage to skirt around brilliantly. The chat is pretty in-depth in places and is aimed firmly at the fans so it’s worth reading through. The questions have been sorted into these categories:

  • General and UI Items,
  • Crafting, and Kanai’s Cube
  • Bounties and Rifts Story
  • Art and D3X2 Expansion

Check it out over on Diabloii.Net and here’s a teaser regarding controller support on the PC.

Are there any plans on adding controller support into the PC version of Diablo like there is in the console versions? 

MatthewBerger: You’re not the first to ask this question and I would love to do so however we made very specific changes to the game to make the controller work on console.

Not only did we add an evade move but we also changed how some of the skills function and how the camera behaves. Adding controller support for PC would require bringing those changes as well which is not feasible. So no sadly we won’t be bringing controller support for PC.

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