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As Blizzard continue to communicate with the Diablo 3 players, the second round of questions on itemisation have been answered and it’s quite a long Q&A.

In this installment topics covered include the uselessness of white items and how they could be made useful, magic and gold find affixes on gear, quest reward items and more.

It’s great to see Blizzard reaching out to the community but it sounds like Blizzard are still unsure on how to fix the item problem in the game.

So how do the community feel about it this update? Most are not too happy, they feel Blizzard are just going through the motions of making it look like they are listening to the feedback. Fixing the problems is probably no easy task for the development team but they are certainly taking their time about putting fixes and changes in place. No doubt because of the impact of the auction house.

A couple of days ago Blizzard once again admitted that the auction house is a real problem stating “we also feel that the Auction House can harm the game experience”. What I’m finding hard to understand is that if a game is harmed by a game-breaking bug it would be fixed by any other developer. However, it appears that it’s OK for Diablo 3 to be “harmed” by a game feature based on Blizzard’s recent auction house comments. At what point in the world if videogames did a game feature that harms the game become acceptable?

The update is pretty lengthy and you can read it over on Diablo: IncGamers as it includes some useful links in the responses. A third part will be released by Blizzard at some point in the future.

Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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