Blizzard reveal the Diablo 3 female Necromancer

Blizzard reveal the Diablo 3 female Necromancer

We’ve seen plenty of footage of the Diablo 3┬ámale Necromancer and now Blizard is ready to reveal the female version.

At PAX East Blizzard revealed more of the new class which is expected to head to the PTR after the v2.6 PTR in the future. At PAX they also demonstrated more of the Necromancer class skills.

Skills on included Grim Slice which is AOE magical scythe, Blood Nova which costs Essence and health, Devour to boost health and Essence from corpses, Blood Golem, and Leech which grants health to all.

There’s still work to be done on the class but it appears to be coming on nicely.

Thanks Diabloii.Net

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    • User

      lol Diablo 3. What a joke. I guess the 11 people who still play the game will be happy with getting to pay for this “new” class.

      • yatesinater

        A lot of people still play it… that doesn’t mean it’s not repetitive and boring, but there it is.

      • t0lkien

        Still a damned good game actually. Cry me a river.

    • jimbo3298

      Of course, she’s wearing a midriff.

      • Kudos

        In one out of 5 different costumes. She’s completely covered from head to toe in the other 80% shown. So typical to just focus on that one though, right?

        • jimbo3298

          I just find it amusing. I get that this game is targeted for teenage boys, so they’ve got to do fan service. The fact that one of the costumes is a midriff is predictable and amusing. Could have been worse, could have been bikini chainmail.

        • JigglephysicsX

          He’s acting offended for people that he’s waiting on a pat on the back from.

          • jimbo3298

            Offended? Where did I say I was offended. Give me the quote…

            • JigglephysicsX

              People like you never say you’re offended. You say you’re “amused”. That means offended. If you weren’t offended you wouldn’t have said anything.

              Remove that Arnie avatar. It’s too badass for you.

              • jimbo3298

                So if you find something funny, you don’t say anything, you just remain quiet.

                You must be blast at parties.

        • Jason Forbes

          He just has to project how upset that’s the closest he’ll get to a woman that can actually fit into a midriff.

        • Kris_r4wr

          Yeah, why would they highlight the one in which you can clearly tell that you’re looking at a female? That’s only what the page is about. Idiot.

      • t0lkien

        /tips fedora.

      • JigglephysicsX


        • jimbo3298

          Trouble reading the comments above? I’m sorry for your reading disability.

          • JigglephysicsX

            There was nothing of substance in your comment. It was a passive-aggressive whine.

            • jimbo3298

              Really, so you don’t think game developers ever engage in pandering. Interesting.

    • LordVector

      I was very disappointed in Diablo 3 and this wont bring me back but I’m glad to see them still supporting the game.

    • logat890

      bust and ass is too small!

    • Lazerbeak

      why the hell didn’t they do this in the first place I mean its just charactor model not building a rocket

    • Nerd Jerks

      d3 continues to be the most badass game on the market with the most nerdy players