Last night Blizzard accidently pushed out a trailer showing Diablo 3’s Followers system which has now opened the floodgates for new information.
A load of info come through this morning which goes into more detail on the Followers system as well as lots of new screenshots of the three Followers in action.
According to Diablo: IncGamers, the three followers now have names. There is Lyndon, the Scoundrel, Kormac the Templar and Eirena the Enchantress, and they all come with their own background story. Other information that has surfaced this morning gives more details on how they will function in the game.

Followers have all their own unique animations and gear looks. They also have full voice recordings and numerous lines of dialogue to go along with their stories.
They are available all throughout the game. You can switch between them at will. A new follower will be appropriate to your level when you first hire them; you don’t have to go back to normal to level up a new one if you hire them in Hell.
Followers do not die; if they run out of hit points they just fall down unconscious for a while, and any bonuses they were granting you vanish for the duration of their nap. You can accelerate their recovery by standing beside them for a few seconds.
Followers can not be manually healed with potions, but they will share in your health globe consumption, just like other players or pets.
They are smarter than the Mercs were in D2, but they’re not going to be mistaken for a human player. 
Their four tiers of skills unlock at levels 5, 10, 15, and 20, and their behavior will be modified by the skills you choose.
They can be respeced at any time, for a gold price.
You can not assign the Followers commands or “ready” stances, though Leonard and Jay both say that the skills you choose affect their behavior.
They can not use skill runes.
Followers equip left and right weapons (can use shields), along with 2 rings and an amulet. No other equipment can be equipped, however they each have a special item type; Leonard said the Paladin Templar gets a special tome of some kind. These special items will add buffs or bonuses to the followers and possibly to you as well.
All of the followers have skills that grant them Gold Find or Magic Find, and they can presumably benefit from MF or GF on their equipment as well.
Followers travel with the Caravan, along with the Artisans and various other NPC quest-givers, some of whom occasionally go out into the world as well.
Leonard was not sure if their equipment would lose durability from use, but I’d guess not, ala D2’s convenience on that front.

You can read more about the Followers over on Diablo: IncGamers where discussion and debate is on-going.

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