Blizzard removes the Necromancer from their Diablo 3 test servers

Blizzard removes the Necromancer from their Diablo 3 test servers

The Diablo 3 Necromancer has been in testing for the past week on the PTR servers and now Blizzard has decided to pull the class from testing.

The initial test of the Necromancer has received a mixed reception from those who have been testing and it’s hard to gauge how solid the class is due to the fact there’s a lot still missing. Blizzard has this evening decided to pull the plug on Necromancer testing from today posting an announcement in the testing forums.

“We will be taking down the Necromancer class tomorrow, April 18 at 10:00 a.m. PDT. After this time, we fully encourage you to explore and test some of our other Patch 2.6.0 features, such as Challenge Rifts and the new zones that have been added to Act II and IV.

“We’ll update this thread once the Necromancer is available for testing again.”

This downtime is earlier than we expected for the new class as new testers were still being added yesterday. Perhaps Blizzard has discovered that players are not engaged enough with the new content and need more time to flesh out the class.

Whatever the reason, there’s obviously a lot more work still to be done one the Diablo 3 Necromancer. Might as well fire up Diablo 2 which is by far the superior game anyway.

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  • Matthew Burns

    “Might as well fire up Diablo 2 which is by far the superior game anyway.” This is your opinion and doesn’t really need to be in this article.

    • Paul Younger

      I think it does. It’s universally known as the superior Diablo game. Didn’t realise opinions were no longer allowed on websites. How odd.

      • Xenomir

        You’re a moron if you think saying stuff like this is going to be good for your “journalism” career.

        • Paul Younger

          Not done any harm for 20 years, so yeh, whatever you say.

      • reallydude?

        I get what Matthew is saying although they didn’t need to be a dick about it. One thing that plagues any media is bias, so if you are reporting news, please try to keep opinion out of it and be as neutral as possible.

        For example, Fox sucks because they skew news to the right. CNN sucks because they skew to the left. Video game journalists all skew towards one platform or another. It would be nice to have some neutral journalism.

        • Shawn

          “It would be nice to have some neutral journalism.”

          I agree, but it seems that neutral journalism has gone the way of the dodo.

    • Wil

      It’s okay, they’re both overshadowed by PoE now and PoE has a massive content rework and release inbound.

      • jordon321 .

        People still play that boring game?

        • Wil

          You really say that as a diablo 3 player? kek
          The only people who play d3 for longer than 2 weeks aren’t people but bots.
          There’s a reason content is still rolling out for PoE and D3 has been a stagnant pos since release.

          • jordon321 .

            I say that as a gamer, d3 has come a long way but still has things i don’t like and prefer d2 over. But poe was boring. It’s still going bc it’s free. Just because they’re still making content doesn’t mean it’s good, look at all the other terrible free to play fps games out there that get updated regularly on steam. The progression system was boring and so was the loot. I’m not saying d3 is better in those regards as i find the leveling system to be garbage, but d3 is still better than poe in my opinion. Grim dawn is also miles better. And btw, content is always rolling out in d3, they’ve made more significant changes than poe has, d3 did kinda need them though.

            • Wil

              Well the money earned does reflect content quality/rollout though… If you don’t have money to pay designers, devs and PR, you can’t make content. I won’t argue Grim Dawn is really really good. It deserves more praise than it gets. But D3 has the worst gearing and loot system of any game I’ve ever played. Every class running around with 1 mayyyybe 2 builds. 99% of legendaries that drop are useless. There’s no variance whatsoever in builds or gear. Everyone using a set with a specific item in every slot and specific skills on bar.

          • I would play PoE.. I just need to poke my eyes first! lmao

  • Hvd

    diablo 4 already plz.

    • Kyle Nelson

      Gotta wait 13 years