Diablo 3 patch 2.2.0 now live on the PTR

It’s time to get testing the upcoming Diablo 3 2.2.0 patch while you can.

Testing is now underway this morning for the latest Diablo 3 patch which will eventually be pushed to the live servers at some point in the future. This update brings quite a few changes including new and improved legendary items, a few class changes, tweaks and changes to Adventure Mode and Bounties, some monster behaviours tweaks, and also a few location changes.

This is also the first version of Diablo 3 to utilise Blizzard CASC file system with MPQs now becoming a thing of the past. This will allow Blizzard to deploy hotfixes easily and generally make updating and patching a lot easier in the future.

Speaking of hotfixes, the first for this PTR patch one has also just been pushed live and it’s an item fix.

  • Oculus Ring
    • This item’s legendary affix has been temporarily disabled due to performance issues (2/25)
    • This item has temporarily been disabled from dropping (2/25)

The full 2.2.0 update notes are quite lengthy so you can read through all those right here.

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