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It’s time for Diablo 3 players to get stuck into Season 4 of the ARPG but what’s the best way to level fast and take advantage of the game’s new features?

The Diablo 3 experts over in Diabloii.Net have put together a guide to help players which covers numerous topics including utilising Rifts now Nephalim Rift Keys are gone, the Diabolic Horde chests which can shower you in items, Legendary Gems, making the most of crafting changes,a and last but by no means least Kanai’s Cube which is definitely one of the most important updates to the game.

After a few trial runs on the PTR, the team have put together this list to make sure you’re maximising your levelling based on all of the above. Here’s a snip:

“The most basic advice for a new season is to party up, since you’ll kill faster and gain more exp much more quickly. And it’s fun; finding a good group, ideally in your clan, and leveling together builds camaraderie and can be very effective if you all play smart, stick together, and share gear. Give another class those legendary items that aren’t for you, since their increased killing speed means more exp for you, and that’s a lot more valuable in the short term than saving the item for a future twink, or getting one more Forgotten Soul. ”

Check out the full guide here.

Paul Younger
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