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Diablo 3 Podcast Special – The first year of Diablo 3 part two

Diablo 3 Podcast Special – The first year of Diablo 3 part two

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The second part of the Diablo 3 first anniversary podcast special is now available for your listening pleasure (first part is here).

In part two the team discuss the Diablo community and whether it’s more negative than others, Diablo 3 community expectations, future changes to the game and more. The timing in the podcast is as follows:

  • 0:10 — Intro and Diablo 3 community overview.
  • 4:40 — Is the Diablo 3 community really that much more negative than other gaming communities? Why do people who claim not to like Diablo 3 stick around to troll people who do play it and to say that every other upcoming ARPG will be 10x better? Why does this not occur with WoW and Starcraft, even in the downtimes for those games? Is it a testimony to the enduring enjoyment (and rose-tinted glasses) of Diablo 2?
  • 12:00 — Diablo 3 didn’t live up to impossibly-high expectations? Would Diablo 2.5 have been more popular? An update rather than a full sequel?
  • 20:10 — Expectations for upcoming changes to Diablo 3? Anything big coming up before the expansion adds massive content and changes everything?
  • 25:00 — Creepy unicorn sound effects.

If you want to download the audio version you can pick that up on Diablo: IncGamers now.

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