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It feels like Season 2 has just started but Blizzard decide to get Diablo 3 Season 3 ready for players.

We were not expecting Diablo 3 Season 2 to finish this quickly but Blizzard has revealed that it will complete soon and will give players two weeks notice in advance instead of 30 days. The reason the Season will finish earlier than expected is because of the 2.2.0 patch which is currently in testing in the PTR servers.

The two week notice has not been given yet, but due to the fact that 2.2.0 has been in testing for a couple of weeks now on the PTR and update has appeared, we expect that advance notice to appear in the not too distant future.

Season 1 ran for nearly six months which was too long and Season 2 only began on 13 February so there’s quite a difference between these two Seasons. The plan is to end the current season, launch the new 2.2.0 patch on the live servers, then start Season 3 with all the new changes applied in 2.2.0.

The timing of patches and Seasons starting and ending look set to follow this pattern in the future. End a Season, patch the game, then start the next Season. Blizzard explain:

Please note that this post is not the two-week warning. While we don’t have that information to share with you today, we want those of you participating in the current Season to know what to expect moving forward so you might plan accordingly to meet your Seasonal goals.”

In related news, check out in-depth impressions of the 2.2.0 pages over on Diablo: IncGamers.

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