Diablo 3 Season One conclusion explained in video

Diablo 3 Season One conclusion explained in video

It’s not long now until Diablo 3 Season 1 comes to a close and this is what’s going to happen.

On 3 February, Blizzard will be closing down Season One of Diablo 3 with the second season due to start a few weeks further down the line while players get used to all the recent changes in patch 2.1.2. Players who have taken part in this first season which has run for nearly six months now may or may not know what’s going to happen to things such as Blood Shards, stash space, achievements, claiming items from the mail system, leaderboards and more.

A new transmog set is being rewarded to any player who hit 70 during the season which is a nice little bonus for taking part. If you were at all concerned about seasonal leaderboard rankings being lost, fear not because these will remain available to view once they have been cleared in preparation for the next season.

There’s probably little point in starting a character now to get your hands on that transmog set unless you want to power through to 70. If you missed this season wait a few week until the next one starts.

You can follow all the latest on the season and Diablo 3 over on Diablo: IncGamers and DiabloWiki has all of this covered extensively.

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