September 5th, 2017

Diablo 3 Tiered Rifts and ladders coming to PTR

Diablo 3

Blizzard’s Diablo 3 game director Josh Mosqueira hit Twitter this afternoon to to tease the new Reaper of Souls features.

Blizzard has been quiet for the past few weeks, especially when it comes to the new Tiered Rift and ladder seasons but they have thrown us a bone in the form of a Tweet which confirms that both these new features will be  coming to the public test realms prior to a full release.

Tiered Rifts are the “who can get farthest” rifts that are being added to the game where player will then acquire a “Greater Rift Token”. Players will then have to clear the Greater Rift as fast as possible in a certain time limit to unlock a “Great Rift Key”. These keys will then increase in ranks with each challenge becoming harder.

Ladders, well they are self explanatory, especially if you were or still are a Diablo 2 player. There will be seasons and Legendary items unique to each season. These seasons will reset after a period of time and you have to start with a brand new character each time.

No news as to when these will appear on the PTR but the fact they are even mentioning it now could indicate we’ll see some action in next few weeks, if not sooner.

Thanks Diablo: IncGamers.

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